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Need cooking fat for chicken


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What cooking fat do you use if you cook chicken in a sauté pan? When I made my ground chicken meatballs, they never browned like the picture in the cookbook. They tasted fine and were cooked through, but I felt like something was missing.

Even when I cut a chicken breast in to bite sized pieces, I can't get them to brown either or crisp up. I've used ghee and coconut oil. Any suggestions?

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First off make sure chicken is out about 20 mins not cold

Have you preheated the pan dry on low for a few min?

If so turn it to med hi for a min before adding oil

I prefer to save my rendered chicken fat oil combo for things such as this

You may also use a combo of either oil and ghee (I prefer the taste of clarified butter) doesn't matter

When the pan is hot add your oil/grease 1/2 of the chicken work in batches don't crowd the pan!

And don't move it at all for a few turn down to med if it looks smoky Allow to get 1/2 white at the bottom up if the chicken releases easily it will be golden brown

Good luck

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