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I Faced the Ultimate Test During My Fourth W30 (the result was rad)


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I had an annual check-up with my Doctor on Day 20 of my fourth Whole 30.  I felt like a million bucks, I knew I was healthier than ever (never had any issues in the past) and I felt so awesome when she weighed me (Drs. Orders!) and I was, ummm, really light!  


Then during the routine breast exam she found a lump.  A big lump.  She sent me down for a mammogram right away.  The mammo tech would only say, "huh, that's so interesting."   I was then scheduled for a biopsy at a bigger hospital for the following week.  


When the nurse, who I had just met that day, hugged me as I was leaving (what?!) I became very emotional, and confused.  How could this be?  I take raw liver shots!  Everything I eat is wild and grassfed and organic and real!  


As I drove home, I gave myself permission to abandon the Whole 30 and allow myself to have wine that night.  Like a bottle of wine.  I was thinking, "man this really sucks that I am going to have to fail this Whole 30,"  because I was doing so good!


But a strange thing happened.  That night I had NO desire for wine or anything else bad for me.  I had broken that habit without even realizing it.   I was perfectly fine to be terrified for my life and not turn to damaging habits to comfort myself. It was weird, and amazing and life changing.


The biopsy was fine and it was just a fibroid or some damn thing :-)



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