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Funny I don't remember eating a sexy beast this morning...


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I have said that I did a round of W30 before, but now after looking through the program again and getting familiar again, this is actually my first, because when I did it a couple years back I was WAAAAY non-compliant.  Had wine nearly every night, didn't check my sausages and bacons for sugar. Snacked. Quinoa was a familiar side dish. Hummus. Nuts, so many nuts.  I know they are allowed, but not by the truckload!


So, my first W30... possibly W45...100?  Who knows!


A little about me...I'm married to a wonderful man (hopefully we all are married to our perfect match, right?) we have a blended family, my two sons (14 and 11) and his daughter (11).  We have been together for yikes... 10 years?  And married for 7.  We have fun, travel and laugh a lot. 


I'm doing this program to see if I can take care of a few things...Food issues of course, I have no known allergies to foods, but I have a very addictive nature.  Kicked the cigarette habit 4..5...maybe 6 years ago?  I can't even remember that's how thoroughly I killed that demon, but food and alcohol stepped right up to take it's place.  Time to get right with myself.   


I've had back surgery in the past from a herniated disc, still have morning stiffness and I'm starting to have knee issues. They crack and creak and make me worry they're on their way to bigger issues.  I work in an industrial field in maintenance, so there are a lot of stairs.  A lot...Like 30+ flights a day, sometimes double that.  I can't have my knees crap out on me.  So I'm hoping to drop some weight (of course) but maybe see some inflammation issues disappear?  I'd also love to stop snoring so my husband can sleep without earplugs in (Seriously!), stop drinking daily, not get hangry every day,  I want to get rid of this "meh" feeling that right now feels normal and good and get down to REALLY feeling good.  I want to sleep better and wake up able to move a little easier.


I love to run, and can pretty well for being heavy as I am, creaky knees and all.  I ADORE skating.  I'm a former derby girl, and oh how I loved it.  But, a bad back and knocking girls over and them knocking you over do not go well together, but I do love to skate still.  I should go more, going to have to work on making more time for that.  I have Turbo Jam, going to pepper that in as well.



Stats, stats, stats...


CW *gulp* 227.6#


Neck 14"

Bust  47"

Waist  44.5"

Hips  52.5"

Bicep  14.5"

Forearm 11"

Thigh  28"

Calf  18"


I have a hard time coming up with a goal weight, but the number that pops in my head is 165#.  I was in the 160s once (for about 5 minutes, lol) and felt great, so I'd like to try that on for size again.


Anyhoo....If you've read this far, thanks for sticking with me!  I'm going to try and post daily, not just my food, but my mood and overall wellbeing.

Here's to getting to it!

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Welcome! Hope you enjoy your Whole30. Remember to eat!


Also, we're not about goal weights here. Don't set one, don't aim for one, don't think about it. Weight tells you exactly one thing: your current relationship with gravity. That's it. Really.


Have fun, and since you won't be knocking over Derby Girls, feel free to knock over some Bad Habits!

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Day 2, off to a great, well planned start... good food set for the day and I slept well.  Could have slept more, TBH.

Worked the weekend, working M-F this week, looking forward to next weekend, for sure!  The boys are home all week, but daughter is off to band camp until Saturday, we'll head up to pick her up, watch a concert and then head back home.  So it'll be the first day on the road so food planning may be a bit difficult, but I'll cross that bridge when it gets here.


Made chili last night with all W30 approved items.. beef, veggie heavy and spice spice spice!  That's for lunch today and tomorrow so I'm excited to try it and hoping it's tasty!


Going to get a workout in tonight after work, either a bit of Turbo Jam or a sesh on the treadmill, sweat one way another.  OR... if the weather takes a turn for the worse while I'm at work I'll jump on the elliptical before I go home.  Lots-o-options!

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Day 2


I was going full steam ahead, decent energy, feeling good and BANG energy gone and a headache brewing.  It's either the storm that's headed our way or a W30 headache of cleansing.  Bring it brains, I can take it.  I don't want to Kill All The Things yet and I'm satisfied from my food today, just this headache.


B:  2 fried eggs, chicken sausage and red peppers and half an avocado

L:  W30 chili and homemade (no additives) dried mango and nectarines, slivered almonds

D: ?  not planned yet.  I'm thinking salmon if it's just me for dinner, but if my husband's soccer game is cancelled due to weather then maybe a pork chop?  Acorn squash.  Hmm... may have a chop and squash regardless of his game situation.

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Day 3...

Headache is creeping back in today already.  sheesh!


 Dinner last night ended up being a pork chop and some sauteed rainbow chard and mushrooms.  yum!  Breakfast was sauteed chard and onion and three eggs.  Not too bad.



I was supposed to work every day this week, but schedule has changed and I'm off today except for a couple hour meeting this afternoon and off tomorrow, need to go IN to work on Thursday and Friday at 2am, those could be challenging days, but I'm going to try and be as prepared as possible


So I'm enjoying my unexpected morning off with my boys, who came home from their dad's today.  We went to Panera Bread and grabbed them some treats, along with a few for my husband and his co-workers.  i didn't have a thing, didn't want a thing NSV!  did find out the Panera Bread has free coffee for the month of June though.  that'll come in handy!

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Good luck on your Whole30!  I'm on Day 17 and had such a bad headache on Day 2 I had to leave work.  I had a really dull headache on Day 3, but then it was over.  Hopefully yours doesn't last and you're enjoying your morning off :)

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Amy, that seems to be the case for me.. day 4 no headache and energy!


I had a headache and a bout of nausea and anxiety yesterday, I gave myself an extra serving of protein and fruit and fat (a little slivered almonds) and it helped a lot!


Today I had two eggs and three slices of bacon for breakfast with a few pieces of strawberry, I should have had a veg, but I will be having a monster salad at lunch.

I also made homemade-sugar free jerky yesterday and today I'm drying mango , kiwi (which is the best!!) and strawberries, my house smells amazing!  Then I went and pulled up sod and moved several hundred pounds of pea gravel with my boys this morning on a little landscaping project that popped in my head when I woke up today... at 6 am!  

Dinner is going to be curry seasoned pork loin with pearl onions and squash and broccoli.


Anyone ever do kale chips?  That's next on my adventures in the kitchen!  Have a great day all!

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Busy, busy weekend.  Lost my momentum on Saturday due to well, my own choosing, so .... Beginning again:


Day 1.


3 eggs with bacon, chard and red peppers.

1 Amish brat, 2 zucchini, 5 mushrooms and pearl onions and a plum

Dinner is still up in the air at the time of writing this, but I'm thinking a chopped sirloin with mushrooms and onions, salad and sweet potato.  Unless if I get stuck at work, then it'll be a sweet potato and a tuna garden salad with tomatoes and cucumber and vinegar dressing.



For clarification, last week I started strong, but as the week went on I was eating more and more towards LCHF and not getting the veggies I need, I think that lead to my having to start over this week.  So heading in I'm going to be more aware of what I am bringing to work to eat and making available for myself at home.  Kind of plan ahead better and keep on keeping on.

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And not going to be W30 for a bit.  Came down the a nasty cold, and I just don't have the energy to W30 right now.  I'll let myself heal and get back to basics, then start again.  Still eating whole foods, but just not as strictly as W30 involves.  See you all soon.

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Hey Girl, hey! Just read through this log and I love your title, your goals, your authenticity and your wit. I was hoping to become internet W30 BFF's (or at least become one of your fans) until I saw your last entry.... :(  So.... please return as soon as you are feeling better! It's Whole30'ers like you that keep me going here! Selfish, I know, but wanted you to know you are not alone and you are inspiring others, even if you falter.

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