Starting tomorrow! June 22


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I'll be starting Monday June 22 and I'm pretty stoked! I'm excited to see how Whole 30 will positively impact me by removing things from my diet. I'm thinking that it's dairy and alcohol doing the most harm, but I'd like to confirm this. My boyfriend Kyle will also be participating. I've already made mayo, baba ganoush, and romesco. Looking forward to all my cooking adventures ahead! 

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Hurray! I started today as well! Just had my first breakfast: two boiled eggs (everyone says you'll get bored with eggs but at the moment I still looooove them :) ), slices of cucumber and baked apple with cinnamon and hazelnut butter. That should keep me going till lunch! 

Now going to prepare some chicken salad and check out my dinner options. 


@ patsycline723: you can pick your date after filling out the first pages with required info. I did this as well, but unfortunatly haven't recieved any emails yet.... 


Good luck guys!

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