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Re-Intro Complete


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A few weeks ago I completed my second Whole30.


Last time I really never did the re-intro phase, so I really knew I needed to do another round and stick to the re-intro's properly to see how each food effects me.


So now I know I'm fine with dairy, legumes make me feel like I have swallowed a brick. I'm fine with non-gluten grains like rice but gluten makes me feel very sluggish and yuck.


I guess I've found what they call "food freedom".  Which is very exciting!!


I learnt that I don't even like gluten that much anymore, today I had pasta and bread (for the re-intro) and they both did nothing for me, I'd honestly rather a big plate of veggies. 


Oh and aside from all the stuff I've learnt about myself, I'm almost back to the weight I was before I was pregnant with my son, and he turned 10 last week!


I added some comparison pics, the pic at the bottom was taken today, the top one is from a few years ago. I put todays picture on FB because I just bought the jumper, what I received was compliment after compliment about how good I'm looking and that the Whole30 is working for me.


I honestly couldn't be prouder of myself.



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Nice work Michelle! So glad you did reintroductions this time - so many people skip this phase and end up right back where they started, having learned nothing at all...

Enjoy your food freedom - you're looking great!

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