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My Whole 30 Log - Started June 21


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Hello! This is my Whole30 log. I am incredibly excited for this new opportunity to eat better and learn how to cook. Also, I hope to discover after Whole30 why I have been so sick from food these past 2 weeks.


Day 1 was rocky, but I made it through.


For breakfast I had 4 eggs, which turned out to trigger nausea and diarrhea. Not fun. I had Mike (my husband) run out and get me some Alka-Seltzer. No idea if the eggs were the direct problem or if it was a delayed response from all of the goodies I had at (my cousin-in-law's) twins birthday party plus my cousin's wedding reception. 


Anyway, I napped and once I felt better, decided to cook up some ground beef with veggies for lunch. I had never cooked it before, so I used the recipe in the Whole30 book, and it was FANTASTIC. Oh. Em. Gee. Better than McDonald's and yet so much healthier! And so easy to cook! I had carrots with it.


That afternoon I decided that I felt better, so I walked 2 miles to catch the bus to visit Mike's parents for Father's Day. I could have easily caught the bus outside of our apartment, but I decided that I wanted to get a workout in. After he picked me up, we stopped at Target so I could get some quick salad supplies for dinner - some kale and blackberries. I bought some leftover ground beef to add - it was a fantastic salad!


My father-in-law gave us two rockfish that he caught -  I can't wait to make them for dinner!


Day 1 food:

Breakfast: 4 eggs

Lunch: 1/2 pound ground beef cooked in olive oil and 1 3/4 cups of carrots

Dinner: 2 cups kale with 1/3 pound ground beef and blackberries


Day 2 food:

breakfast: about .18 pound ground beef cooked in olive oil and 1 3/4 cups of carrots

lunch: TBD

dinner: rockfish (with salt, pepper, lemon) with sweet potato and broccoli

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Day 2 went pretty well. I ate what I said I would the other day. For lunch I ended up having some tuna with kale.


Day 3 (yesterday) I ate the following:


Breakfast: none...was quite full from the night before

Lunch: Protein salad - tuna with homemade mayo, kale, blackberries. I made the mayonnaise recipe from the Whole30 book, but it doesn't look fluffy at all...it looks like a salad dressing. Oh well, it was still delicious

Dinner: spinach frittata (recipe in whole30 book)


Some observations:


-I really enjoy cooking, much more than I realized. The recipes in Whole30 are pretty easy to follow

-My hunger is all out of whack now that I'm eating filling foods! I haven't had the crazy pains that I used to have before when lunch and dinnertime rolled around

- I cannot eat eggs in large quantities :( The spinach frittata made me sick, as did the 4 eggs I ate for breakfast on day 1. I think I'm going to have to cut eggs out of the rest of my whole 30. 

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Day 4 (yesterday):


breakfast: kale with tuna and whole30 mayo

lunch: remainder of kale with tuna and whole30 mayo, plus carrots and an apple

dinner: 2 kids grilled chicken meals at Ikea (grilled chicken, lettuce, strawberries, carrots)


at 11 pm I also had a Larabar because I was hungry but also too tired to cook anything.




after lunch, I went straight into the belly of the beast (Dunkin Donuts) and got a black iced coffee. I was expecting this sort of "craving" to be fulfilled, since coffee for me is kind of a treat, but I was underwhelmed. It took me like an hour to finish my coffee. I was definitely addicted to the sugar before and not so much the coffee itself.


Day 5 (today) started a bit rocky. I attempted a salad for breakfast but spilled it on the floor (oops). So I had some almonds for breakfast and ate an early lunch of ground beef and sweet potato. Unfortunately, got nauseous. Now I'm really concerned, because I thought Whole 30 was going to help my nausea issues, not just make them less frequent. Going to the doctor this afternoon. 

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This afternoon (Day 5), I went to my PCP. She believes that I have inflammation in my stomach and prescribed me some medicine that will reduce my stomach acid. She also asked me to eat bland foods for the next several days. She also thinks me being overweight is part of the issue.


Heh, I got to weigh myself today at her office, so I know I've definitely lost a little bit of weight so far!


Anyway, I went digging in the Whole30 book to find some recipes that would fit under the "bland foods" guidelines that she gave me. Fortunately, I have some wiggle room - I figure I can eat chicken, potatoes, apples, cauliflower. 


A lot of what she wanted me to avoid was pretty straightforward (no junk food, no processed food, no dairy, nothing too flavorful or spicy, no citrus, etc.). Unfortunately, a lot of her suggestions were not Whole30 compliant, like bread, rice, crackers, but I nodded my head and said okay.


So, of course, knowing these things, I bought a bunch of fruit from an Arabber (horse-drawn street vendor that sells produce), and then went home and made a spicy dish for dinner. Facepalm! I bought (but did not eat...yet) some strawberries, plums, peaches, and a mango. 


Dinner tonight was a (slightly modified) version of Melissa's Chicken Hash. Yum! My favorite home cooked meal so far. I will definitely make it again either tomorrow or Saturday, but without the spices. 

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