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Whole30 #2. Let's do this again!


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I'm kicking off my 2nd round today and really looking forward to another 30 days under my looser belt! I've started several Whole30's but this past round was the first time I made it the whole 30 days (33 days to be exact)! I can't describe how successful I feel! My plan was to take the weekend "off" before I started another round and I indulged in a few planned non whole30 treats. I had a white mocha that I thought I missed so much but I only drank a few drinks before I realized it wasn't as amazing as I remembered in my head and I had lunch at my favorite mexican restaurant. I enjoyed the chips and salsa but everything else just seemed subpar and I realize I can l can live without many of the foods I thought I couldn't. The big realization for me is that I truly enjoy (dare I say prefer) the yummy, fresh, real food I've been eating and feeding my family.

While my first 30 was successful and compliant, I know I ate too much fruit. I LOVE all summer fruits, nectarines, plums, watermelon and CHERRIES!!! I think I used those fruits to feed my sweet tooth and I had a hard time moderating so I don't plan on eating any fruit this round unless it's part of a dish like a few apples in my slaw or a little pineapple in my stirfry. Also- I only started working out again for the last half of my last 30 and I plan to keep it going and not miss any workouts this time.

Thought I'd keep a log this time just for kicks.

M1- leftover pork tenderloin, deviled eggs, asparagus, guacamole and cold brewed coffee with homemade almond milk

M2- grilled chicken, roasted broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus, half a sweet potato and guacamole

M3- dinner at Japanese steak house for my oldest's birthday. Will probably do a steak with veggies.

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I've decided to count today as day 1. yesterday went great; but think there could have been something non compliant (sauce of some kind) on my protein at the steakhouse last night at dinner so I just feel better counting today as day #1.

Day 1

M1-grilled chicken, deviled eggs, half a sweet potato, coffee with almond milk

M2-grilled chicken, deviled eggs, broccoli, sweet potato and celery with almond butter

Iced coffee with almond milk

M3- ground beef with Muir Glenn pizza sauce(my fave!) with peppers onions and zoodles, olives

Ran 1.25 miles this morning and walked the dog after. Spent my morning break at work waking 3 flights of stairs 9 times. 15,026 steps today.

My mood and energy are better than ever! Not off roading too much between Whole30's was a great decision for me. I am still reaping the benefits of my first 30 and continue to feel better each day It proves that eventually Whole30 with an occasional indulgence can indeed be my new normal.

Saw some awesome looking cherries at the market today but sadly they're off limits for now.

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Holding steady today. I don't feel as great and energized today but still feel pretty good.

Day 2

M1-ground turkey, peppers, onion sweet potato hash with plenty of ghee (note to self- don't buy more ground turkey- not my fave!) iced coffee with almond milk

M2- green salad with chicken, pico, mango salsa and guacamole, iced coffee with almond milk

ANOTHER iced coffee with almond milk around 3pm TOO MANY today!

M3- ribeye, spinach cooked in ghee, tomatoe basil salad with olive oil and balsamic.

Lots of water throughout the day.

Walked the dog this am and did my stair walking at work and will lift this evening. 12,907 steps

I didn't stay off the scale during my last whole30 but I'm holding strong this time.

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Today was a good day overall. I came home from work exhausted and with a headache. Lunch was out for a coworkers birthday and I was glad she picked a burger place. I felt satisfied with my bunless burger lunch but realized I was starving when cooking dinner. I grazed my way through cooking(this is definitely something I need to work on).

I felt ready to call it a day after dinner even though I'd planned on cleaning the house tonight. I've started trying to clean before the weekend so I don't have to spend any of the weekend doing the housework(I hate it). Thought I'd at least run the vacuum and do the rest tomorrow but once I got going I felt motivated to keep going and got it done. This is most definitely whole30 related. Prior to whole30 I barely had enough energy to clean the dinner dishes after work and now I'm able to really get things accomplished in the evenings!

Day 3

M1-ground beef with pizza sauce, sautéed peppers, onions and zoodles. Iced coffee with almond milk

M2-lettuce wrapped burger with sauerkraut and mustard(not enough food!)

M3-roasted chicken- sweet potatoe cakes cooked in ghee, spinach, fresh tomatoes with basil- coffee with almond milk.

Ran 1.25 miles/walked dog/stairs during break at work

16,361 steps today

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Stuck in the doldrums this morning- I've had one thing after another go wrong this week and even though they have been small things, it's starting to wear on me. Especially this morning after I found a misplaced earring (a nice pair my mother in law gave me) on the floor and realized the other one is missing. I'm sure I stuck them in my pocket or set them somewhere I shouldn't. I plan to go home and frantically search before my husband gets home! I'm always a focus on the bright side kind of gal though so on a positive note: The stressors and things that have gone wrong have not triggered any kind of cravings or feelings of going off plan.

This is huge for me! I have struggled with disordered eating most of my life and right now I'm in the sweet spot of not binging or obsessing about my diet. I meal plan ahead mostly but I can now just find something compliant if I'm in a pickle.

One thing I need to work on is my habit of grazing through my meal as I prepare it. I noticed last night what a problem this is for me. Granted, I was too hungry by the time I was making dinner but it opened my eyes that I do that all the time! Sometimes I've consumed more than half my meal before I even sit down. Picking at the salad, eating olives while waiting for the veggies to roast or picking pieces of protein out of a dish while I'm setting the table. New goal- first bite (unless I'm tasting for seasoning) is after I've sat down at the table!!!

Day 4

M1-ground beef, pizza sauce, zucchini, peppers and onions, roasted chicken and a sweet potato cake, tomato basil salad(Just small amounts of lots of different left overs) iced coffee with almond milk

M2-big lettuce wrapped burger with mustard, pickle and onion. Sweet potato fries and watermelon(will keep this out of the house for the remainder of my 30)

A mid-afternoon iced coffee with almond milk

M3-salmon sweet potato patties, spinach and strawberry salad with a lemon dressing

Walked dog this morning and did stairs at work. Lifted this evening and it was difficult to complete my scheduled workout today but I pushed through. The squats killed me! 11,084 steps

Work half day today so I'll do some food prep- planning on making: mayo, ghee, almond milk and deviled eggs.

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Hanging in there today. Woke up with a tweaky back so I didn't run right away. DH and I walked the dog, had breakfast and did some chores around the house so I didn't run until 9:30. This was a tough run since I normally do not run while the sun is shining and I don't run on a full tummy. I hung in there and completed my 2 miles. Trying to feel accomplished that I stuck with the workout even when it got tough but having run 10x that distance regularly in the past it seems measly. Gotta (re)start somewhere though huh?

Day 5

M1- spinach, avacado omelette with salsa, bacon and small amount of cantaloupe and berries, coffee

M2- sweet potato salmon cakes and spinach strawberry salad, a handful of nuts, one deviled egg (something is off with this batch) coconut flavor LaCroix and an iced coffee with almond milk

M3- chicken and steak with grilled peppers and onions, lots of guacamole and pico and a handful of fresh berries, seltzer water

Ran 2.0 miles, walked the dog in the morning and evening. Did lots around he house so I ended up with 20,949 steps.

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Sunday was a great day. Woke up early despite staying up too late the night before. It was so worth it to get up and enjoy the beautiful morning. Walked the dog, watered the lawn and sat outside enjoying the cool morning with enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitos away!

Made Kalua Pork for the first time. Honestly I didn't like the way the house smelled all day and I was skeptical but decided it was delicious when it was time to sit down and eat. Happy to have plenty of ready protein going into the week!


M1-roasted chicken, sweet potato cakes, spinach and 2 cups of iced coffee with almond milk

M2-beef ribs, slaw and green beans

M3-shredded pork, cooked green cabbage, guacamole iced coffee with almond milk.

Today was my rest day so I just waked the dog both in the morning and evening.

15,150 steps

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Darn Monday morning rolled around again. I recently took a new job after having summers off for several years and as the summer goes on I am mourning the loss of those lazy summer days more and more. It probably doesn't help that I didn't sleep well last night. I napped a bit yesterday and had a too-late iced coffee and a storm rolled through around 2am. I didn't walk the dog this morning (DH did so don't feel sorry for her). I was a little rushed already and then got a text that my beef will be ready for pickup this afternoon so I scrambled to make room in the freezer. Feels great to have a freezer full of grass fed beef again!!!

Decided to thaw out the stuffed peppers I made a while ago while cleaning out the freezer this morning. Nothing better than just coming home and throwing something already ready to go in the oven!

Day 7

M1-Kalua pork, green cabbage, guacamole, iced coffee with almond milk

M2- Kalua pork, green cabbage, guacamole, mini peppers, berries, LaCroix lime water

M3- stuffed bell peppers cooked in a homemade marinara and roasted broccoli

Walked the stairs at work, lifted this evening and walked the dog this evening. 11,445 steps

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Well despite a stressful day and starting the day out sleep deprived I made it through Tuesday unscathed

Day 8

M1- pulled pork, broccoli, sweet potato cake, iced coffee with almond milk

M2- salad with steak, pico and lots of guacamole, unsweetened tea

M3-turkey lettuce wraps with a almond Thai sauce and cooked green cabbage. Coconut LaCroix

Ran 1.25 miles and walked the dog in the am and pm/ stair climb work break.16,832 steps


Day 9

M1- Kalua pork, roasted broccoli, sweet potato cake and coffee with almond milk

M2-steak fajitas with guacamole and pico

M3- turkey lettuce wraps with almond thai sauce

Walked the dog in the am and lifted this evening. Did some extra stairs at work today. Walked three flights 14 times.

12,664 steps

Came home from work and had dinner all prepped so we finished up pretty early so I suggested going out for some bowling. It is a fantastic change to be caught up around the house and have enough energy in the evenings to go out and have some family fun! I had fallen into a bad habit of barely having enough energy to clean up the dinner dishes before I fell into bed to watch tv and always felt guilty and overwhelmed by the household chores. Now- I have energy to keep my house cleaner and enjoy evening outings and walks!

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Half day at work today and then ready to start the long weekend. Yahoo!!

Day 10

M1- Kalua pork(today is the last day for this before it starts being questionable) wrapped in lettuce, roasted broccoli, mini bell peppers and 2 iced coffees with almond milk

M2-chicken and veggie stir fry

M3-Kalua pork - spinach salad with a few strawberries/almonds and lemon dressing- roasted pattypan squash. LaCroix water and an iced coffee with almond milk

I'll probably do some prep for the upcoming holiday weekend today. I'll make a slaw, brine a turkey breast for the smoker and do some almond milk.

Ran 1.84 miles and walked the dog and did stairs at work.

22,208 steps today. Mowed the lawn in the evening and did a longer than usual evening walk with the dog since the temps cooked down a bit.

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Feeling strong going into the holiday weekend. We have some barbecues planned and I'm prepared with compliant slaw, smoked turkey (in the smoker now-can't wait till its done!) and deviled eggs. I made it thru Memorial Day compliant during my last whole39 so I know I can make it through the 4th.

I am going to make some non compliant treats for the rest of my non Whole30 family because I'm feeling strong and I used to bake a lot but haven't at all in the past two months.

Day 11

M1- Kalua pork- strawberry spinach salad(I know I said yesterday was the last day for the pork but I chanced it this morning and it still tasted great skin went for it and finished it off) coffee

POST W/O-two deviled eggs and some slaw. I didn't eat enough breakfast and was hungry after lifting

M2-smoked turkey, slaw, roasted sliced tomato, zucchini and yellow squash a handful of cherries

M3- smoked turkey, slaw, Roasted sliced tomato, squash and zucchini, more than a handful of cherries

Walked for an hour with a couple friends, lifted and took the dog for a short walk. 17,736 steps

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Not much on tap today. Going to take it easy, cookout with the family and hang out by the pool.

Day 12

M1- smoked turkey, deviled eggs, slaw, roasted zucchini, squash and tomatoes

M2- bunless burger and sausage, strawberry spinach salad, sausage/kraut, and a deviled egg sipped on fizzy water and had an iced coffee with almond milk

M3-two sausages, slaw, guacamole, plantain chips and a handful of cherries(ate more than I should over the course of the evening but everything was compliant)

Just a couple short walks with the dog today.

9,353 steps

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So I went into the weekend with a smug "I got this" attitude. I felt that since I survived Memorial Day Whole30 the 4th should be a snap. I went through the long weekend without a hitch until Sunday. I woke up a little grumpy and felt like I really wanted to graze all day. Wondering if snacking on those plantain chips and cherries last evening did this or if it's hormonal/pms. DH suggested a pizza restaurant for lunch and I was a bit put out that he didn't even consider what I'd eat there. They have salads but they're marginal there so I told him and the kids to go ahead without me. No snacking today!!!

Day 13

M1- sausage, deviled eggs, slaw

M2-chili, roasted Kabocha squash, slaw

M3-bunnless burger and chili dog(yum!) a few roasted sweet potatoes and radishes

Ran 1.5 miles and walked quite a bit.

20,682 steps

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Wasn't ready to go back to work this morning!! I was really getting into the groove of being off. Prepped my lunch for the next few days last night and I whipped up a fresh batch of almond milk this morning. I ordered some great new 16 ounce glass milk bottles from Amazon to transport half my almond milk to work and leave the other half behind.

Day 14

M1-smoked turkey breast, deviled eggs, had a roasted sweet potato, cooked spinach and an iced almond milk latte

M2-smoked turkey breast, applegate hot dog, roasted broccoli, roasted kabocha squash and some raw carrots, radishes and celery with guacamole

M3-bunnless burger with onions, lettuce and mustard-sweet potato fries

Walked the dog this morning, stairs at work and lifted this evening. 11,860 steps.

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Your step numbers are really impressive - I feel like I need to up my game!

I find Sundays (any Sunday) particularly hard to just sit down and eat 3 meals - with all the running around, chores and cooking, it's so easy to pick at this, take a bite of that, dip that sweet potato in mayo...

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Thanks, GoJo! My daily step count dramatically increased when we adopted our dog in March. She won't let us off the hook when walk times come around. Doesn't matter if it's raining or sweltering, she has a way of guilting us off the couch.

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Day 15

M1- smoked turkey, deviled egg, roasted sweet potato and a couple radishes- iced almond milk latte

M2- smoked turkey, applegate hotdog, roasted broccoli, kabocha squash, raw celery, carrots and radish and a bit of almond butter and a fizzy water

M3- spaghetti squash topped with grass fed ground beef and pizza sauce, salad

Ran 2.21 miles this morning, walked the dog and did stairs at work. 16,840 steps

My foot hurt this morning early while I was walking the dog and finally quit hurting once I started to run. I had a bout of plantar fasciitis a few years back. I have taken over a year off from running any significant distance at all so the fact that I have pain again after easing back into running is so disappointing! I'll try replacing my shoes and keep at it a bit. I am not ready to throw in the towel now that I'm feeling like I'm progressing.

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Day 16

M1- spaghetti squash ground beef and pizza sauce applegate hotdog

M2- grilled shrimp with grilled veggies and a green salad

Pre WO- a handful of nuts

M3- spaghetti squash, ground beef and pizza sauce- applegate hotdog - sautéed spinach and olives

Walked the dog in the morning, stairs at work and lifted. 9,375 steps.

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Thanks, Chelle!

Cancelled on my running partner this morning because of a chance of rain and I've felt kind of guilty all day because we probably could have squeezed our run in before the storm but I hated to get up just to get rained out. Oh well, we plan to make it up tomorrow and today is an impromptu rest day. Probably needed it. I felt really puny during my lifting session yesterday.

Day 17

M1- spaghetti squash with ground beef and pizza sauce - almond milk latte

M2-salad with chicken, apples and pecans- almond milk latte

M3-salmon, roasted sweet potato, sautéed spinach and tomatoes And some plantain chips

Quick walk with the dog this morning and did the stairs at work. 13,471 steps

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Had a rough night of sleep after the smoke detectors woke me up at 1:30 am! (My 15 year old was cooking.. Grrrr!!!) had a hard time falling asleep after being startled and I was angry that he has fallen into a bad habit of sleeping all day and staying up too late.

Surprisingly, I have plenty of energy and feel great although it was a major undertaking to pull myself out of bed at 5am to meet my running partner. Hoping I can avoid a mid afternoon crash. I am off half day today so if I do need a nap I can squeeze one in.

Day 18

M1- cold leftover salmon, sautéed spinach and roasted sweet potatoes + an almond milk iced latte.(This was leftover from dinner and I loved it even more this morning for breakfast) I had coated the salmon with a grainy mustard/coconut amino mixture with olive oil and it will be my new go-to salmon recipe!

M2-roasted chicken leg and thigh, roasted kobocha squash, salad with olive oil and some cherries(ate this pretty late) and an iced latte with almond milk.

M3-a deviled egg, handful of nuts and some cherries. Wasn't really hungry after eating M2 so late.

Ran 2 miles this morning, walked the dog and did stairs at work and lifted this afternoon. I usually don't run and lift on the same day but today's run was to make up for missing yesterday. Napped for about 30 minutes this afternoon. 17,128 steps.

I have been successful at sticking to my workout schedule so far and I have stayed off the scale for 20 days now! The scale avoidance has been much harder than I anticipated. I feel more tempted to peek at the scale than I do to eat something non-compliant!

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Although I stayed compliant with my foods today I didn't stick to the meal template. I will make sure I do tomorrow.

Day 19

M1-omelette with spinach and avacado and bacon- iced coffee with almond milk

M2-deviled egg and too many plantain chips and some cherries(yikes!)

M3-ribs, green beans and slaw

Took the dog for a long walk this morning

9,900 steps. If I would have realized I was this close to 10k I would have walked around while I brushed my teeth!!!

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Wow! Can't believe its day 20 already. This second whole30 is flying by! I meet my girlfriends to run and then have coffee at Panera on Sunday mornings and we sit outside so I brought my leftover cold salmon with me and just opened it up and started eating it and didn't get any comments. It helps that there is another in the group who brings her own breakfast too.

Had our first steaks from this round of beef and we were really happy with them. This beef tastes like it was aged a bit better than our last round. I did lots of prep for the upcoming week and should have breakfasts ans lunches covered for a bit. Made some chili, puréed cauliflower, almond milk, a big pan of roasted sliced zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes and some sweet potato salmon cakes

Day 20

M1- salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, radishes and cucumber and an iced coffee with almond milk

M2- salmon, asparagus and slaw a handful of cherries(these were too good to resist- can't buy these again until I fishish this 30)

M3- grass fed ribeye, roasted summer squash and tomatoes ans puréed cauliflower

Ran 2.5 miles and walked the dog this evening.

Need to do better on my water intake this coming week.

15,571 steps

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Day 21

M1- salmon sweet potato cakes, cauliflower mash, cucumbers and a iced coffee with almond milk

M2- chili with cauli-mash and a LaCroix lime water

M3-salad with sliced steak and olive oil and lemon dressing(this was out at a Greek restaurant and not enough food, hence the post WO snack that I normally wouldn't need)

Post WO- salmon/sweet potato patties

Walked the dog this morning & evening, did stairs at work and lifted this evening. 14,610 steps

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