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2nd time around- began on June 15th!


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At the recommendation of my Doctor, I began the Whole30 for the first time on April 20th, 2015.  I was excited to begin eating healthier and hoped to get on top of my sugar addiction and fix some Inflammatory issues I was having.  I did really good until I buckled on day 28 and ate a mini chocolate frosty at Wendys! ARRRGGGHHHH!  I could blame my husband for wanting to buy one but i did say yes when he asked me if I wanted one too!  A very weak moment it was indeed.  I have kicked myself in the butt ever since then.  I did learn that something didn't agree with me because after about 1 hour I had the worst gassy, bloated belly ache that I have not experienced in many years!  This was a big wake up call for me!  Dairy or sugar? Not sure which but leaning towards dairy.  I then commenced to eat worse things on day 29 because I had already broken the Whole30 rules so why not?

Wake up call again.  I ate Ritz with cheese and chocolate cake!  More gassy, bloated belly aches for 2 DAYS!!!! ARGGGGHHH!

So after breaking the rules I kind of kept cheating for about 2 weeks.  I gained 2 lbs. and felt awful about it!  

I decided that I had to begin the 30 day challenge again and keep on it for the whole 30 days and then ever so slowly, integrate one food item from one of the "forbidden food groups" to see if I can identify which foods don't agree with my gut.

I feel stronger this time and have been able to pass up many of my weaknesses in food!   Feeling confident and healthy at day 8!

Beverly in Nevada

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Well welcome Beverly! Glad your first week went so well - it definitely sounds like you have the motivation you need!


WE do have another thread filled with everyone that started on June 15th - feel free to come join us there if you would like some additional support! :)

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