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Day 1 Commences with a Rocky Start!


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Hi everyone! I'm George, a 20 year old. Today I started my first day on the Whole30 after quite a few months of planning.


Long story short, I have IBS, lactose intolerance, anxiety, extremely low energy levels, and what I think might now be gastritis? My doctors are still trying to figure it out, but basically for a few months now I have weird feelings of hunger in my upper abdomen that never go away and that's accompanied by excessive belching and a feeling of gas/pressure and loud rumbling noises from my stomach. I know, I have no idea either.


Anyway, I'm here to stay motivated. I already forgot to thaw chicken so I'm on my second round of eggs today for lunch (with a mixed green salad) and I'm already getting sick of eggs. Plus my cooking experience is minimal. 


Just thought I'd introduce myself. Is anyone else starting today? :)

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Keep it simple George and you'll be fine - try tinned fish for a convenient protein source that doesn't require cooking, make your salads huge (consider how much spinach etc reduce down when chewed), master the (very quick & simple) art of making mayo and you'll be fine.

And if there's anything you're not sure of don't be afraid to ask.

Oh, and ignore kirkor - he's a kind hearted soul really...!!


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