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Attempting a Whole"60"- Day 1


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I was hesitant to post something like this on here because you don't see many men doing so. Something has to change in more ways than one. I'm an active duty Soldier looking to turn the corner and venture into a much healthier all around lifestyle. The most defining reason for my interest in Whole30 is that my 240 lbs. 33 y/o body can no longer handle that extra weight. My combat deployment really did a number on my joints and back. At 74" I'm looking to be a healthy 205 lbs. I'm not doing this for 60 days expecting to lose 35 lbs. in that time period but I am doing it because I have some bad "junk food junky" habits I need to break away from and never return. THE BIGGEST reason for wanting to do this is I have my 3d child coming in 32 days and I'm going to need the extra energy! So here is what my days are going to look like. Please feel free to rip my plan apart as I am a rookie.



0530- Wake-up w/ 2 glasses of water and a stretch

0600- Insanity: Max 30

0700- Breakfast (I prepped a whole30 casserole for the week)

0800- Work starts

1100- Pre-workout meal (half chicken breast and some mixed nuts from Costco)

1130- Lift Weights

1240- Post-workout meal (half chicken breast and sweet potatoes)

1330- Lunch (spring mix salad with 2 hb eggs, chicken, sunflower seeds and tessemae dressing)

1730- Dinner (chicken thighs and a vegetable)

1800- Play time with my 2 boys!

2130- Bed time!



Weekend will involve some weight lifting on Saturday and outdoor activities with my family! I'm looking forward to gaining more knowledge with my meal prep to allow more time with my boys!



How is this looking?



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It's looking pretty good to me...

Welcome to the forum  :) 

Just a couple of things:

Make sure your salad is HUGE - consider how much the leaves reduce down when cooked/chewed/wilted...

For consider adding more veg - the recommendation is 1-3 - aim for 3.

Nuts are an okay fat source for preWO, just don't rely on them at meal times as there are better options - home-made mayo, compliant bacon, olives, fattier cuts of meat, avocado.....

Be sure to get adequate rest, and ensure you're taking enough water on board - 1/2 an ounce per pound of body weight is the recommendation.

Don't be afraid to ask for advice if you need it, and maybe join one of the group threads for support/accountability if you feel you need it.

Good luck!!

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Welcome, and thanks for serving. And kudos for already prepping your Meal 1 casserole!


We recommend a pre Workout meal of protein and or fat. It doesn't have to be anything big, just something to reset your hormones. A single boiled egg would be perfect.


About your plans to do Insanity in the a.m. and weightlifting in the afternoon ...


The first 10-14 days, your body will be switching to fat as fuel, and your workouts and energy will be low. We highly recommend you ease through the transition and scale back your workouts accordingly. Being tough on yourself will accomplish little, but might make you feel bad about yourself. Let the process run its course, you'll be stronger later. Go for walks, short jogs, lift some too. Just don't expect much during the first part of your Whole30.


I notice a lot of chicken in your meal plan -- don't fear fat, and don't skimp or you will be in a world of hurt about Day 3 or 4. Try to eat a variety of proteins. Meat from ruminants (lamb, cow, venison) has amazing nutrition that makes chicken look like a lightweight.


Finally, goals are good but eat right and let your body settle on your final weight. Shooting for a specific number is irrelevant with this way of eating.


You can do this!

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