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Good Morning!  I started the Whole30 diet because a friend of mine mentioned Whole30 in a facebook post.  I'm always looking for something to help me change from the inside out - and have not found the one that work for me yet.  So I did some internet research and digging and thought I'd give Whole30 a try.  Simply because it was about changing your relationship with food, rather than loosing weight.


Let's face it, most of us know HOW and WHAT to eat, but until we conquer the love/hate relationship we have with food and learn to respect our bodies and the food we intake, we will never feel good INSIDE!


So this my day 2.  Yesterday was relatively easy.  The only thing I would say was negative was my snacking on nuts and dried fruit between meals.  I have this thought process that I have breakfast first thing, snack around 9:30am, lunch at 11am, nap for an hour, snack at 3pm and dinner around 6.  So I'm going to be working on conquering the snack cravings. 


And I will use this forum as my personal "blog".  Happy Whole30'ing :)



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Ok, this is day 3 for me.  I feel great! I had a slight headache this morning, but I suffer with migraines, so a slight headache to me is a good day!

I feel very alert and clear.  I'm sharing my journey with family and coworkers.  My coworker and I eat lunch together every day, so she is also enjoying the benefits of my food choices, since I am the one brining in lunch every day!  We'll see if she has any unforeseen noticeable changes in herself as well.


Eat well!!

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Day 1 of Whole 30 Round 2

Breakfast: 2 Boiled Eggs, half avacado, 8 almonds

Lunch: Baked Sweet Potato, cauliflower & ground turkey, half avacado

Dinner:  ground turkey, fresh spinach, half avacado

spinach, pineapple, blueberry, lemon, water ninja blend


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