I didn't lick my fingers!

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I think this has been my biggest challenge so far. I am a hobbyist baker and I am making a wedding cake (I agreed to do it long before I knew I'd be in my first week of Whole 30!)

I was whipping up a huge batch of icing last night and was actually doing pretty good not craving, despite the smells of butter and sugar and vanilla. After I had packed up everything, I realized I had a little bit on of icing my fingers, which normally I just EAT, because, well, it's icing. I had my hand halfway to my mouth out of sheer habit when I realized what I was about to do!

But I didn't do it! I didn't lick my fingers! It was hard. I wanted to eat that darn icing. But then I started wondering, just how much icing have I consumed this year just by licking my fingers every time I was done decorating a cake or making a batch? And don't think for a second I don't usually lick the beater, too! I'll bet I've eaten a half pound of icing this year just by doing that. Mindless eating!

Anyway - I feel proud of myself!

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(m)eat - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I totally hear you on not licking your fingers! I was away for a girls week in Vail when my girlfriend and I decided to make a batch of "Minion" cupcakes with Oreo centers for the eyes, Twinkies for the Minions and butter cream whipped topping for the cupcakes.

It was one of the hardest mental experiements ever, but I didn't like my fingers or the knife once! And watching them all eat the Minions was semi-torture but I MADE IT TOO!!

So happy for you to stick to your plan, exercise discipline and realize that your habitual "finger-in-mouth-when-loaded-with-icing" doesn't control you any longer!!

(Here's a link to what I'm talking about for the Minions, from Despiciable Me, the movie http://theberry.com/2012/05/09/take-a-berry-break-40-photos-158/berry-break-12-129/ )

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