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Day 17 - dizzy, woozy, headachey at the end of the day before dinner

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Hello - day 17.

For the past week I've been getting really bad dizzy spells and feeling crappy after 1pm. I eat lunch around 1145. I was thinking it was caffeine withdrawal, but I've added that back in over the past 3 days and it's still happening. I never had any issues day 1 - 5

Typical meal layout:


Breakfast - veggies, carbs, meat, fat and fruit (I probably only eat about 1/2 what I make and it's usualy about 2oz of meat, 1/2 cup of carbs and 1/2 cup of veggies.


Lunch - veggies, meat, fat and fruit - usually 2 cups of veggies, 2-4 oz meat and a fruit serving - I usually eat most of it


Dinner - meat, carbs, veggies & fat - usually 4 - 6 oz meat, 1 cup veggies and sometimes 1/2 cup carbs - I always eat almost all


On occasion I will have a few cashews in between meals or almonds just so I stop feeling light headed.


I drink lots of water and have salt on all meals.

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Please eat more.  :) Given what you listed, your symptoms and the fact that you need to snack in between tells me you're not eating enough.

Have you seen the recommended meal template?  Aim for 1-2 palms of protein per meal and 1-3 cups of veggies per meal.  What kinds of fat and how much of each are you having per meal?  You want to build meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours.


When you say carbs, do you mean carb-dense vegetables? Which ones?

What's "lots of water"? Are you getting at least 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily?


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Thanks for your reply Chris.


I have seen the template. I have only been able to stomach breakfast for the past week, so It's all I can do to eat ANYTHING for that meal. I could try more protein for sure I suppose.


Fat is either coconut oil or clarified butter to cook my meals. not added nuts usually. I don't like avocado. Sometimes it's the Whole30 mayo if I've got a protein salad made up.


Yes I mean sweet potatoes or regular potatoes most often.


Lots of water is between 48 - 60 oz per day. I would have to drink more to get to your formula. That won't happen, I fill my water bottle several times a day.

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48 - 60 oz of water would work for a person who weighs between 96 - 120 lbs.  If you weigh more than that, please reconsider adding more water.


Start with more protein (things that you find easiest to digest) and more water: build each gradually (incremental bites and sips if you have to) until you're able to get to the recommended amounts.  Be aware that most of the cooking fat stays behind in the pan, so you may need to add fat after cooking to compensate.


If you continue to be hungry between meals, instead of nuts alone, have a mini meal of protein, veg and fat.

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Thanks. I am not between 96-120 pounds...haha. I will try to add more water, I was drinking almost none pre Whole30 so I thought I was doing pretty well with 60oz....my body says otherwise clearly.


I will add more protein for sure tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you! I appreciate your advice.

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