On the verge.

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Yes deep breaths

Do you have pots n pans? You'll have to use them Preheat your pans on low before you add the fat (make sure your Protien is room temp 20 mins before cooking )

Place as much as you can so you have extra cooked

Some vegetables can be made the same way

And cut potatoes can be done that way too

If you have a slow cooker use it all together

You'll be okay any other question just ask

Someone will respond

Good luck

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I realize this doesn't help you today, but if your oven won't be fixed or replaced for a while, it's not a bad idea to invest in a toaster oven.  I use it more than my regular oven.  Of course, I don't have anyone else to cook for, not sure if you do or not. 

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We had our kitchen re-done after our whole 30, but we are still trying to be mostly compliant.  Breakfast for me was a lot of veggies steamed in the microwave with a compliant hot dog or sausage.  We used our slow cooker several times.  Canned tuna can be your BFF.  It is tougher than having a fully functional kitchen, but you can totally do this!!

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