Hot Flashes??


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I'm on day 1 of whole30. Quit alcohol 18 days ago, which is a good start for me as I drank daily. I am suffering horrible hot flushes and mood swings for the past few months, and hope this will assist. I'd also decided to quit coffee so am anticipating some bad headaches although green tea usually helps. Glad to see such supportive women on the forum. Hope I journey along with you for the next 29 days.

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What did you find out about bloat I'm curious?

Gosh, 2 months later when I saw the question, what I found out is that cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprout) and nuts can all cause you to bloat if you eat a lot of them.  I had just spent the week supplementing all my meals with... broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.  Had found new recipes to try, lol.  Plus, I was terribly overeating the nuts, involved them in almost every meal.

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uh oh!  I am starting whole 30 b/c I am 39 and smack dab in the middle of menopause.  Oh yes, full hysterectomy at 35.  Years of infertility problems, gluten intollerance, and all sorts of other fun issues including the gaining of 50 lbs in under a year.  I am going to try to look at my lovley (blah) hotflashes as fuel for my engine (and try not to make my family suffer anymore than they already do)  I even take estrodial and it doesnt do the trick.  My friends tell me to put my head in the freezer.  They totally dont get it.  I am starting the program tommorow and have hopes that at least my jeans will fit again soon.  I just love being a girl:)

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That is rough.  The program should sort out some of those issues, what I can tell you is that the first couple of weeks were the worst for me, then the frequency dropped.  I have noticed that I only seem to get them when I'm a little too warm now which I find strange.  Just wait, by the time your friend go through it, you will be all done with it and able to say with a sweet smile "Why don't you just put your head in the freezer, dear?"  Oh wait... that would be mean. :D


My other best tip is to find a group that is starting around the same time you are and has some active posters in it.  Support and idea sharing makes this so much easier.  And beware the timeline - it's no joke. 


You can do it!

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