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Adrenal fatigue + high needs toddler - Can I make this work?

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Hello, I am a 28 year old female on day 10 of my first Whole30. I started the program to try and help my extreme mood swings (PMS), chronic depression and to stabilize a long term gallbladder issue before surgery.

I am on day 10 and so far so good. I am feeling a LOT better than I was. Much, much better in fact. Ok, so what the hell am I doing here on a troubleshooting forum...

I have two main factors: stress and sleep which are holding me back and I wanted some advice on how I could mitigate these.

My toddler is 15 months old. He is high needs and does not sleep well. I am beyond tired. Last night he woke 15 times. The night before he was awake for 5 hours between 10PM-3AM. I cannot even begin to describe the effect this has had on my mental health, my doctor has said I'm showing signs of PTSD.

My stress level is through the roof because he whines and moans and screams every second he's awake.

Does anyone have an advice for people who want a solid 8 hours but have no realistic prospect if getting one? Supplements etc.

If there's anything I can do to help mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation I'd love to know.

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Ellie, I feel for you, I really do. My youngest son was very ill as a baby and he must have been close to 3 before I had a solid night's sleep, and I clearly remember while he was awake & constantly screaming/whining and very obviously in pain, sitting on my stairs with my head in my hands, in tears thinking this was not how it was supposed to be...

I don't have any great words of wisdom for you other than to say it does get better, and to suggest if you can maybe get some respite from a friend or family member? Even if it's to get in a quick power nap during the day, or some 'you' time - just to sit, relax, and to breathe. It's a vicious circle - stress leads to lack of sleep, which leads to stress, and somehow you need to break that cycle.

Make sure you're getting enough starchy veg each day (start with a fist sized serving & work your way up from there if need be) to help with energy levels and mood. Ensure you're drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water, and if you're not already, try adding a magnesium supplement (choose magnesium citrate over oxide for better absorption).

And maybe try to get out for a walk in the fresh air each day - you can walk for miles with a pram, your son may well settle, and you'll get those 'feel good' endorphins flowing. I know this did me the world of good...

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Thank you so much. I will definitely look into the magnesium supplement! It will pass someday but today is hard. Your support is really appreciated :)


Ellie, how are things going with you...?

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