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Athletic supplements


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Hello! First time doing the Whole30 and I am currently on day 3. I am a highly active athlete who trains 5-6 times a week in wrestling and strength training. Before starting my 30 days I ordered some supplements from MusclePharm (an athletic supplements provider) and I was feeling good during my training while taking them. Since I have started the 30 day challenge, I have stopped using all of them because I am unsure as to if they will pass the approved requirements of the program.


If someone could help me decipher the ingredients information for these products I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to be able to use them if they are Whole30 compliant because they do help in my recovery time. I don't use them to supplement for any of my regular nutrition from my meals, only to aid in recovery after the highly intense workouts. 


Here is a list and a url to the supplement facts of the ones in which I had ordered:

-Armor-V (a multivitamin): http://musclepharm.com/store/all-products/armor-v/

-Amino 1: http://musclepharm.com/store/all-products/amino-1/

-Glutamine: http://musclepharm.com/store/all-products/glutamine/

-Fish Oil: http://musclepharm.com/store/all-products/fish-oil/


I am pretty sure that the fish oil would be compliant with the Whole30 rules but I just want to make sure. 


Thank you for the help  :)

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The Fish Oil contains glycerol which is a sneaky word for sugar so that's out.

The amino contains sucralose so it's out.

The Armor-V looks fine too, although it has a few questionable ingredients (ie. I'm not sure I'd want to consume them during whole30 or otherwise)

The glutamine looks fine.

That said if you're eating as per the template, and including pre & post WO meals, you really should have little need of these supplements as you will be getting all the nutrients you need from your diet.

As an aside I have my photo taken right at that very spot too - sadly no Guinness on Whole30 though!

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Thank you for the help, jmcbn! I really appreciate you going through and taking a look at these for me.


I think I do well at eating a balanced amount of different nutrients for my meals and yesterday I included a hard boiled egg and a handful of cashews for pre wo and had half a chicken breast and sweet potato for post wo. I felt really good by doing this!


The only problem I have is that being a busy and broke college student means that sometimes I don't have the resources to get full nutrition from my meals. I try to keep my supplement intake as little as possible, but during some workouts I will wrestle for 2 hours which really takes a toll on the body and I need the extra boost to feel good for the next day. 


Unfortunately no Guinness on the Whole30, but I had plenty of it last fall! I was fortunate enough to spend a semester in Dublin studying. Beautiful place. 

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