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Crazy Kid Schedule


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This is the first year I have let my kids sign up for more than one activity at a time (2 each). Got all the schedules and realized most of the things are on Thursday. My afternoon looks like this:

Pick up boys from school 3:30 (girls are in choir)

Pick up produce from co-op 4

Feed boys

Feed myself

Pick up girls from choir 5:30

Youngest son soccer 5:30-6:15

Feed girls

Youngest daughter soccer 6:15-7

Oldest son cross country 6:15-7:15

I get dizzy looking at it. Girls will be having a picnic while their brother has soccer practice. Hard boiled eggs, raw celery, carrots & broccoli and fruit. We had roast last night so Mom and I will be eating salad with shredded roast and a few other veggies on top. All this planning is a pleasant side effect of Whole 30. No fast food drive thru for us!

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