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Moodiness first week


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That's pretty typical for the first week -- check out the timeline for more on what sorts of things you might expect along the way, although your experiences may vary some.


Make sure you include at least one serving of a starchy vegetable each day, like potato, sweet potato, winter squash (like butternut, acorn, or spaghetti squash), or root vegetables (like beets, turnips, rutabagas, carrots), it will help some, but in general, for most people, this doesn't last more than a week or so.

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me too! I'm on Day 8 today and from Day 3-4 ish to now I've been terribly moody to the point of being a B ;-) My husband has been very supportive (not doing a Whole30 himself but is eating most of what I make without complaint) but yesterday asked nicely (though I didn't take it that way...) if this moodiness was going to have an end point -- I think he is at his limit with me as well. I am hoping I adjust soon! 


Exercise helps! I was terribly annoyed this morning and went to a spin class, now I feel better. We'll see if that lasts. But, I trudge on and try to remove myself from situations if I find myself getting cranky. Also, have been going to bed around 9 every night and sleeping a solid 8-9 hours, which helps is well. I think I hit my moodiness peak around mid-day to early evening when my energy reserves are low and I'm used to filling them with crappy food and/or caffeine. If anything this tells me Whole30 is working!

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My first two weeks I had no cravings or other side effects, but was on an emotional roller coaster.  I would get very weepy for no reason, and cry at the drop of a hat (again for no reason).  At work, at home, at the hairdresser  :o . I was never really someone who cried a lot, but I did get stressed and anxious (pre-Whole 30).  Now (Day 26) I am feeling incredibly calm- no anxiety, and taking everything in stride.  It's a huge change.

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