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bye bye gluten


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Reintro on gluten last night in the form of 3 homemade pancakes ( made with coconut milk so no dairy).  Within an hour I was having mild asthma like symptoms, tightness of chest and slight wheeze, nothing bad enough for my inhaler.  But considering my asthma diagnosis from early this year was labeled "exercise induced", significant.

I didn't do any other gluten yesterday as I currently don't have any desire to add any other gluten items back to my diet, but do really enjoy pancakes occasionally.

I like to be sure to get a run in the day after I reinto something too, to see how it affects that, as that is important to me.

This morning my breathing was rough, even after using my inhaler before starting, and it's the first time I've had to stop in the middle of a run because I was so sure I was going to vomit.  I walked a little bit and got it under control but as I was walking I looked down and sure enough there it was... my protruding gluten belly.

Gluten- you are NOT my friend!


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