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Day 31 :)


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First of all, I am proud of myself for succeeding!

I made a commitment to myself and followed through!


I discovered foods I love and 3 are power foods so that is pretty cool.

I like experimenting in the kitchen now.


I have no heartburn, ever.

My hair seems to have grown out from a bad haircut, in record time.

My skins seems softer.


Eating well and nurturing myself made me want to exercise to do more for myself and I started back at it and get a rush from it that feels great.


I lost a clothing size.

I walk differently-I find this really odd as I had no trouble walking before but my posture feels different and I have more confidence. 

Last, and least, I lost 11 pounds. 


This is day 31 for me, also to be known as day 1 of my 2nd WHOLE 30. This is too good to stop. I want to try some new foods or recipes now. I want to re read the books and see what else I can work on.


I am very happy with the process and the results. It was NOT hard.  :) I was NOT hard  :) .

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