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What do you take?

Julie Quates

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I'm interested to hear what y'all are taking for vitamins and supplements. I was on supplement overboard for a while (reading too much) and am glad to know my diet should be covering most of my needs. I know we're all still taking something and I'd like to see what you take.

I'm 27 and thinking about kids in a year or two...

Folate, daily

Biotin, daily

Sfh fish oil, daily

D3, daily

Magnesium natural calm, daily

Probiotics, daily

Digestive enzymes, after every meal

I'm thinking I'd like to take a decent multi vitamin or something else to supplement but I'm not sure.

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I was taking a bunch of stuff before my W30. During the W30 I cut everything and added digestive enzymes. After 2 bottles, I stopped because I feel like my body has adjusted to eating this way. Also, they are expensive.

Now I take fish oil (nordic naturals) 2g daily, natural calm most nights and I use kombucha as a probiotic. I usually buy 2 or 3 and stretch them out over a week's time since they are pricey.

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Natural Calm some nights, and Vitamin C, biotin, and fish oil every day. Take the C and biotin because I had a really shitty job awhile back and had stress-related hair loss and my skin looked kind of meh. Seems like it has made a difference (that and more importantly eating super awesome food).

Dropped my multi bc it had sugar, don't really see a need to add it back in.

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Derval- can you get your hands on any pure pharma fish oils? Last longer than the H+B stuff and its stronger!

I take fish oils and bcaa now and then. Gonna get some D and magnesium :D

I'm not all that keen on taking the fish oil at all after listening to Diane Sanfalipo (sp?) of Balanced Bites talking about them, so I'll just finish what I have & not replace I think. I think H&B supplements in general are pretty cruddy I've had these knocking around for ages because I keep forgetting to take them!

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