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Lime juice concentrate?


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We will no longer promote dried-fruit-and-nut bars under our #Whole30 Approved banner.




Going forward, we will no longer promote any dried-fruit-and-nut bars under our official Whole30 Approved program. The only bars to which we will lend our name and our logo are those with meat as a base (like Primal Pacs,Chomps, and Epic Bars), as those will never be mistaken for candy.


Reminder: just because the ingredients are compliant doesn’t mean the product is the best choice for inclusion in your Whole30. For more on this topic, refer to the Treats, Food Fixations, and the Scale section of The Whole30(page 95). You can also view some of our free resources online, like our recommendations for business travel or emergency food situations.

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MeadowLily, all that the article above means is that the Larabar and other bar companies cannot market their product as "Whole30 Approved".  Are they a best choice? No.  But they are still compliant in certain situations.  Is it the opinion of many of us that Larabars should be off limits? Yes.  But they're not, they are approved based on the rules of the program.


Sara, lime juice concentrate is fine but please remember that date and nut bars such as Larabars, while technically compliant, are not recommended. They are as close to a candy bar as you can get on the Whole30 and they do nothing for your overall health.  They are approved for emergencies only; emergencies like 82 car pileups on the freeway leaving days long gridlock or hiking in the mountains and a bear stole all of your other food rations but the one larabar.  Like....actual emergencies. ;) If you can plan a larabar you can plan to bring actual food that will bring with it nutrition and satiety with none of the blood sugar rush/crash.

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Yes, Lady Shanny...I know they're still allowed but for the life of me,



I can't think of one legit




Larabar emergency.


 If you're anywhere near any kind of a gas station in the middle of the sagebrush, there is something compliant you can find.  


Hard boiled eggs, dill pickles, and even canned tuna fish.



 Anything W30 compliant is better than a dried fruit and nut candy bar. 



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Thanks for the discussion! I am definitely not planning to use them regularly but I have some travel coming up so wanted to have an emergency stash. I will plan to bring some better things too as you describe  :)

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