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Serious Fatigue Post-Weightroom


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Hi all!


I just wrapped up my Whole30 yesterday, but plan on sticking pretty closely to the template going forward. I also just started back in the weight room after about 6 months off (was training for a race and sadly focused my efforts on cardio endurance).


The problem is, I'm feeling a lot more fatigue than I remember when I was lifting last year. I'm not sure whether to attribute to my new diet or just being out of shape. 


My workouts are generally a 15-minute get-sweaty warmup (treadmill, bike, stairmaster, etc.) followed by 35-45 minutes of lifting (i.e. lunges, squats, rows, DB arm circuit, ab circuit).


I'm not hungry beforehand and haven't been doing a pre-WO or post-WO meal (though I do eat dinner almost immediately after I wrap up). 


I hate the feeling of dragging my body around and miss the daily energy I used to feel, so I'm hoping you experts can help out.


Thanks so much!



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I'm guessing there are two things at play here - your time away from the weights room will have impacted on your strength for sure, and secondly you're not eating enough.

Your need for a preWO will be very much dependant on when you train. If you're training in the evening you may well feel full enough from meal two, and if this is the case then I'd look at the composition of your meals on weight days and ensure you're eating enough in general, but specifically that you're getting enough fat. PostWO is more important to your recovery, and a few bites can be enough. By not taking the postWO you are cheating your body out of food that it needs. If I train in the evenings I have a few bites of a lean protein & a few bites of starchy veg, shower, then go home & prepare my meal three - and I'm always more than ready for it.

Eat more - your body will thank you for it.

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I second that opinion about not eating enough. For me, I lift HEAVY when I hit the weight room and if I don't eat enough at my regularly schedule meal (which will include at least one sweet potato on the days I'm working out), I am DRAGGING towards the end and for quite some time after. I find for me, I need to eat good meals as well as a pre-workout and post-workout meal to help battle the low energy. Even though you are finished with the Whole 30, maybe you should try adding those pre/post mini meals in there to see if that helps. If not, another thought is your electrolytes. If my electrolytes are out of balance, it will wipe me out. Just a thought! Good luck and congraluations on completing the Whole30!!! :-)

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