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30 Days Down and a lifetime to go!

Vicky Duecker

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Today was June 30, 2015. I have been on the Whole30 program since June 1st. About a year ago, June 23, 2014, my measurements were as follows:


Belly Button/Waist:      34"

Lower Butt:                  40"

Gut:                             38"

Under Boobs:              31"

Boobs:                         36"

Weight:                       143 lbs


I had products with the "pink" drink, had protein powders for smoothies, green powders, etc, etc.....


I am a Personal Chef, so, I am a foodie person and I love good food.....I also like wine very much along with beer. So, while staying with my daughter, who had just had her third baby the end of May, I read the Whole30 book. Her family eats Paleo and does not consume gluten because of number 2 son not tolerating gluten. (but do we all not tolerate gluten?) I was able to jump into this program with no huge side effects because of the preliminary period with my daughter! Here are my measurements from this am: Day 30!!!!


Belly Button/Waist:      32"

Lower Butt:                 38"

Gut:                            36"

Under Boobs:             28"

Boobs:                       35"

Weight Last Week:    137  ( I started June 1, 2015 at 145 lbs)


As you can see from the numbers of last year verses this month, quite a big difference! I am sure I was every inch that I was last year and maybe more....(my love handles are gone!!) The hardest thing this month was not being able to have a glass of wine or a beer. For my clients and husband, I made 2 peach cobblers, 2 big pound cakes, an apple cobber, cookies, and an eclair cake. Yes, it was hard for me not to try it, but I kept telling myself "YOU ARE STRONG!! YOU ARE STRONG!!


I wanted to celebrate tonight somehow and asked my husband about it and I decided that I should just get me my bottle of Mango Kombucha and keep on the track I have been on! He likes what he is seeing and is proud of what I have done. No, I did not take pictures...I just cannot do that.. :unsure:


Yes, I will keep going on the program but add things slowly back in...first....a glas of wine!!!!  (this weekend though...gotta control my quantity...)  ;)


Hugs & Blessings to all! 


p.s.....yes, I totally recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their health and lifestyle for the better!

Whole30 ROCKS!!!!

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Congratulations Vicky (aka my Whole 30 Twin!!!!) I just finished my Whole 30 yesterday as well. Sounds like some amazing accomplishments and insight for you. Same for me. I don't really have lots of weight to loose but I've definitely dropped a cup size, and my clothes fit a lot better. I also look and feel way brighter and healthier, and for the first time in my life, I have sustained energy throughout the day (thanks, in part, to me cutting caffeine out of my diet as well!) I'm now officially on vacation for my re-intro, so I probably won't start until I arrive home (or maybe have something closer to the end of my stay) but in all honesty, I don't miss much. And I agree with you.....slow introduction is best. To really monitor those treats that you may wanna add back in. Yes, Whole 30 Rocks!! And props to both of us (and anyone else who just completed!) :) 

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