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Starting (again) July 1


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Hello everyone!

I am Robin and living in Portland Oregon. 

I am starting my second Whole30 less than a week after finishing my first.

My first wasn't so bad.... I wasn't overly affected by it either. What I mean by that is I didn't feel any better, didn't change my sleep for the better, I am STILL so tired and painful all over.

I did loose a couple pounds and I know my self better and how I act with food. I use foods as rewards and I am a stress eater. These things became real clear during W30-1. I really didn't do much of a re-introduction period. Tried milk and I think it affects my bowels.... but not totally sure.


Anyway, starting tomorrow (technically today) for the month of may. 


Love the support!


Good luck to everyone out there with this quest we are all on! You can do IT!!!



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It's my first day on whole 30 so I just wanted to say well done for successfully completin your first whole 30 and for listening to your body, not giving up and continuing with your journey to achieve what you set out to do.

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