W30 #2 aka W60 but not really... July 2015...


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So, today is Day 31 of my first Whole 30... The day I thought I would eat something crazy, like pancakes or icecream, but over the last 48 hours I've decided to continue this journey for the month of July for several reasons. I can't call this a Whole 60 because I found out on Day 29 that my first run, unbeknownst to me, was out of compliance. (Insert mad face here.) :angry:


The number one reason I am continuing/ starting again is freaking SOY. Specifically soy in canned tuna. I made it all the way to Day 29 of my first W30 before realizing that I'd probably eaten 8-10 cans of Starkist tuna which lists soy in the ingredients. Now, you may be asking WTF is soy doing in tuna, as did I. And it's actually in the broth that is added to the tuna for flavor. So it's a miniscule amount for sure, but it's in there none-the-less which doesn't take away ALL my non-scale victories for my first W30 but certainly negates my compliance, intentional or not. (Insert sad face here.) :(  Here is the thread that was my wake up call:



HUGE lesson #1 for me: READ ALL LABELS. I should have known by the label shock I experienced with other foods like finding cane sugar in my store bought organic chicken broth and canned tomatoes, which thankfully I read and did not eat. But the damn tuna got me.


Other reasons why I am continuing into July without a break/ slip/ cheat:


I am just barely starting to successfully build a meal that will sustain me for 4-5 hours without becoming famished or wanting to snack it up.


I am just barely starting to know how to tame my sugar dragon and other cravings and not give into them with approved substitutes like Larabars, fresh fruit and dried fruit. It is clear by the degree of difficulty I still have with this that I need more practice.


I want to continue studying It Starts With Food to fully understand the "sciency stuff" and it seems ridiculous to do so while eating off plan.


I feel freaking fantastic and I do not want to give up my tiger blood just yet. I know I will have to face reintro at some point, but I'm just not ready.


And then there is the tiny voice inside me that says I can be a beacon of light to others who might want or need this information in their lives and the best most effective way to be that is to have a deep grasp and understanding of it and an authentic living testimonial of my personal journey. Basically, I could be the messenger for someone to save their own life and that possibility makes me very happy.


Will post my Day 1 log this evening when the meals are eaten and the battle is won...


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Meal 1- Chicken salad (chicken breast, green onion, homemade mayo, S&P), steamed broccoli, 1/2 sweet potato

Meal 2- Chicken salad (chicken breast, green onion, homemade mayo, S&P), steamed broccoli, 1/2 sweet potato

Meal 3- 6oz Filet Mignon, asparagus, baked potato with a little EVOO and balsamic drizzled on it. *Restaurant Food*


Yes, I ate the exact same thing for Meals 1 and 2 today. It just worked out that way as this morning was a hectic dash to make a proper meal and then consume said proper meal with as much mindfulness as I could muster in a rush. I simply made 2 servings of everything, threw the 2nd half in a container and it was waiting for me when I returned home for lunch.


Meal 3 was at a restaurant and I think I did great placing my order and dressing it in a way that was both compliant and delicious. I'm noticing how the modifications I ask for in restaurants are never as awkward and I think they will be and are often not far from the original preparation. Not nearly as complex and I can make it out to be in my head. I also had my husband and daughter between me and the bread basket. As soon as it moved I forgot about it.


Will finish the night with a little herbal tea and a detective show or two. This is the time where I could get real snacky and start in on the dried fruit, dried coconut, raisins, etc. but I'm really trying hard not to give in to the old habit. I've been asking myself if I'm hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli. If the answer is "no" then I know Im just craving and need to distract myself and wait it out. In fact, I think I'll go brush my teeth right now and signal to myself that we are done eating for today.

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Meal 1- 2 HB eggs, Sauteed zucchini, Potato salad

Meal 2- Tuna hash with zucchini, olive, one egg. Cherries

(snack) Small handful of cashews

Meal 3- Aidells chicken apple sausage, cauliflower, carrots, potato salad


Waited too long to post this and now I can't really recall how I felt yesterday.... Fine, I think?? I've had many more cheat thoughts since starting this round. I ignore them but they clamour for attention. Instead of giving up or giving in I have been reading other people's logs, particularly those who are on multiple rounds of W30. They are inspiring, at times cautionary, and motivating. Community makes a BIG difference!

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Day 3


Meal 1- 3 eggs scrambled with zucchini, olive, salsa and avo on top.

Meal 2- Tuna w homemade mayo over greens, carrots w guacamole.

Snack- fresh cherries

Meal 3- Aidelles sausage, asparagus w. homemade mayo.


Energy was good today. I only had one little crash around 3pm and was able to lay down for 20 mins and recouperate. I know I should not be snacking but I brought cherries to the pool today knowing people would be drinking and eating popsicles and such. It was nice to have my own fruity refreshing snack but not something I should do every day. Dinner was delish!!

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Musings on this Fourth of July morning...


I've been reading other people's blogs, and particularly those who are doing a 2nd and 3rd Whole 30 and I'm seeing a theme... Starting and stopping... Giving in to "days off". Deciding "in the moment" to go off plan. Now I'm not judging here, just really trying to learn and applying other people's experiences to my own. I want to learn more about what to do, and what not to do. And I fully understand why and how this can be my experience too. The distinction between my first attempt and this one (my 2nd) is the noise/ chatter in my head has changed. It's like my saboteur realized it was ineffective the first time, so it changed tactics and is coming at me another way. It's only Day 4, I'm on my first cup of coffee, and reflecting on how many times over the last 72 hours my head tried to make an excuse to cheat... from as small as licking peanut butter off a knife I used to make a PB&J for my daughter, to all out plans to go off for a day and start over. I DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT GUY. I do not want to do that to myself. I do not want to give up my integrity, my vow to myself, and this gift of health that I am desperately trying to make into my new normal.


So here's my promise.... for the rest of this Whole 30 I will NOT go off plan on a whim. Any "cheat" that is going to happen will have to be a conscious choice that was planned ahead and there are things I will require myself to do before I give up.


1) I must call (not text) my acountabili-buddy and discuss my plan to cheat. (This will likely stop me in my tracks, however, if I'm still unsure I go to step 2 and perhaps discuss the list with her.)


2) I must read through the massive list of Non-Scale Victories in the Whole 30 book. I must read it slowly, acknowledging any and all NSVs I have experienced. (If, after steps 1 and 2, I am still on a mission to eat off plan, then step 3.)


3) I must prepare my own cheat meal at home. No store bought cupcakes. If I want a cupcake and I've gotten as far as committing to eating one, then I have to bake it myself.


That's my plan. If anyone would like to "pinky promise" with me please feel free. I could use all the good energy I can muster. :D



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Dang it!! Waited too long to post yesterdays log and now Im not 100% certain I will remember it all. Here goes:


Meal 1-  Scrambled eggs w prosciutto*, big ol pile of steamed broccoli.

*Tried eating 4 scrambled eggs in an effort to fortify my first meal to take me all the way to 5 hours without hunger. It worked but dang is it hard to eat 4 eggs.


Meal 2-  Lettuce wraps using butter lettuce, sliced turkey, avo. 1/2 sweet potato, cherries


Poolside- more cherries


Meal 3- Aidelle's sausage, raw baby carrots.


Over all not bad for a holiday. I was grateful my family wanted to eat in so I could cook my own meal and not deal with the variables of restaurant ordering.

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Meal 1- 3 Scrambled eggs w zucchini and 1/2 sweet potato


Meal 2- Turkey and salami sandwich (no bread) w lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, spicy mustard. Cherries.


Meal 3- Chicken salad (chicken, homemade mayo), roasted broccoli and cauliflower.


Late night- Larabar and some coconut chips.*

*started my cycle the next morning so that explains me giving into this craving! (whoopsie) :(

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Meal 1- 3 fried eggs, one slice of proscuitto, sweet potato


Meal 2- Lettuce wraps made with butter lettuce, sliced turkey, proscuitto, and homemade mayo. Green smoothie (kale, spinach, parsely, mango, banana)


Meal 3- Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage, steamed broccoli w homemade mayo. cashews.


Late night- 2 date rolls (date, coconut)

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Meal 1- 3 hard boiled eggs w mayo. ran out of time and did not get to eat my 1/2 sweet potato before starting work


Meal 2- Sweet potato from the morning, Coconut curry soup with cauliflower and chicken.


Meal 3- Buger patty w horseradish mustard, giant pile of brussel sprouts w homemade mayo.


*I had really intense cravings for a sugary treat from around 9pm until I fell asleep. I just kept ignoring them and drank more water but they were intense and annoying. It was a great feeling to wake up this morning and know I had not done any late night sweet snacking.

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M1- 3 hard boiled eggs with mayo and ???

M2- turkey sub sandwich (no bread) including Sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard

M3- Shredded chicken tacos (no shell) including Shredded chicken, salsa, tomato, guac, lettuce

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DAY 10


M1- Chicken w mayo, 1/2 sweet potato

M2-  scrambled eggs with veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, onion, potato, avocado, salsa


M3- Aidells chicken sausage.... then I burned the veggies to beyond edible. :( Spur of the moment ran off to the movies with a friend and brought cashews and dried mango. (My friend ate popcorn and red vines and I wasn't even jealous. Seriously, it did not look tastey at all.)

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DAY 12


M1-  (on the road) cashews, cherries, Epic bites

M2- green salad, shredded beef, sweet potatoes

M3- flank steak, brussel sprouts w mayo


I was completely out of energy on Day 12. Not sure what it was about but I had no gumption to do anything. Went to bed super early (7:30pm) and slept restlessly but was able to sleep until 7am. I know I have been eating a lot of sugary though compliant foods the last couple of days. Dried fruit, smoothie, Larabars, dates. I think it is messing up my energy levels big time.

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DAY 13


Monday... back to some normalcy. I somehow messed myself up over the weekend. I did not eat anything off plan but rather, I think it was what I did eat, what I didn't eat (enough veggies) and how often. So... back to 3 meals a day...


M1- 3 hard boiled eggs w mayo, 1/2 sweet potato. black coffee

M2- Lettuce wraps w butter lettuce, turkey, proscuitto, avocado and pepper. Raw snap peas.

movie snacks- cashews, dates, dried banana

M3- Aidells sausage, broccoli w mayo

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DAY 18


M1- scrambled eggs, prosciutto, 1/2 avo, cherries

M2-  turkey sandwich/ no bread  (sliced turkey, lettuce, avo, tomato, onion, pickles) w mustard

M3-  roasted cauliflower, dried mango, larabar  <--- sheer laziness!  :mellow:

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DAY 21


M1-  scrambled eggs w avocado and salsa, steamed broccoli w coconut aminos, black coffee

M2-  ground turkey wraps w butter lettuce and guac, cherries

M3-  taco salad- no taco (shredded chicken, lettuce, tomate, avocado, salsa)

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DAY 22


M1- Omlette w turkey, sprouts, avo, tomatoe. Breakfast potatos

M2- Chicken breast cooked in ghee w coconut aminos garlic sauce, steamed broccoli, sliced cucumbers, sliced red pepper.


Snacks throughout the day as I was driving for about 5 hours:  almonds, Epic bites, dried mango, dates.

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