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JenX - Whole 30 Round 2


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Day 1

M1 3 egg omelet filled with 1 cup sautéed veg (onion, rbp, mushroom, spinach, tomato), 1/2 avocado, TBS each homemade salsa, homemade sauerkraut, 2 cups black coffee.

M2 Turkey Taco Salad of 1 palm seasoned turkey taco meat, 1/2 head iceberg lettuce, 1/2 rbp, 1/4 cucumber, radish, green onion, 1/2 avo, homemade salsa.


GT Gingerberry Kombucha

M3 2 palm size turkey burgers on lettuce. Mayo pickle tomato onion lizard sauce, 4 olives, 2 strips bacon, sauerkraut

H20 Intake 90oz

[bms 4+, 4, 3, 2]

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NO!  fmr_sailor don't think that way. I saw your food from yesterday and it looked great!.I ate at the top of the template the first time around for the whole 30 days.


This time though, I'm completely laid up with a broken foot so getting zero exercise. Plus I'm working on recognizing satiety cues. So, I'm eating the lesser amounts on the template and then seeing if I'm full or if I need more. Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing great!

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Day 2

M1 3 fried eggs, 1.5 cups veg hash (onion, mushroom, kale, leftover cabbage/potato), crumbled bacon, 1/2 avocado, fresh tomato, 2 cups black coffee.

M2 Chicken salad with mayo and chopped veg (celery, radish, green onion, onion, olives, cilantro, rbp), spinach salad, chopped tomato

M3 Baked chicken quarter, baked potato (1/4) w/ ghee, broccoli (1c) kale chips, Sam handful green olives.

Also 1bottle kombucha and 1 cup bone broth.

H20 Intake 80

[bm 4, 3,2]

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I think trying to avoid snacking is causing me to choose to eat at the top. I'm so used to snacking, but now when I eat I'm thinking I don't want to need to eat avian before the 4-5 hours passes. So far so good. And I am concerned about my running and teaching classes, so I am trying not to end up in a deficit that takes days to catch up on. That said, I'm still hoping to drop some weight this month. I guess we aren't supposed to want that, but I do.

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I bet you do. I lost 8-9 lbs the first time (didn't do a pre W30 weigh in, so just going off how my clothes fit). And I was eating Pre/Post WO + meals and the occasional snack if I was truly hungry. Never once felt deprived and often marveled over the AMOUNT of food I was packing away. Especially the amount of dietary fat!


Just trust the template. It'll work. And the NSVs are totally amazing.

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Day 3

I'm already seeing improvement in my sleep patterns. Went to bed early last night and up early this morning feeling refreshed instead of groggy. Mentally preparing for the 3-day weekend. I do so much better when I'm at work - free time is hard for me to handle. And so long as I'm still in this damn frankenboot with the broken foot I don't have as many options to distract myself. Still, I will persevere. I'm charging up the laptop so I can play in the forum if nothing else works. And will drink tea and bone broth when I want to munch from boredom today.

M1 chicken curry,w/ sweet potato, zucchini, onion, rbp, spinach, 1 HB egg, 2 cups black coffee.

M2 taco salad (same as day 1) plus egg salad made w/ 2 eggs and thumb-sized dollop of mayo. Ate 2/3rd salad - got full.

snack - 1HB egg w mayo, cranberry kombutcha

M3 - 1.5 palms of steak w lizard sauce, fennel salad, potato w ghee. 4 olives.

After dinner, coffee w coconut milk

H20 Intake 80

[bm 3+, 3]

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Day 4 - Feeling better today, no headache and bounced out of bed at 5:40am. Breakfast was NOT within an hour of waking though (M1 fail). I thought i still had hash cooked in the fridge but didn't. Then I decided I wanted to cook off some bacon first. it all took too long so breakfast was closer to 90 minutes? I think. On top of that as I was cooking and eating I guess I was super hungry. I ended up making 4 eggs bc 3 didn't look enough in the bowl, and putting way too much on my plate.

M1 - 4 egg scrambled in bacon fat, 2 strips bacon, veggies (cooked in bacon fat) onion, rbp, mushroom, zucchini, & power greens. 2 cups coffee.

Ended up leaving at least 1/2 that 4th egg on the plate for the dog, and put about 1/4 of the veg back in the fridge. Looks like I need to start dishing less food!

M2 - chicken salad, 2 zucchini fritters

M3 - pork ribs with lizard sauce (pretty sure i'd eat this sauce on everything!), roasted brussels sprouts w/ bacon, leftover fennel salad, green olives.

1bottle kombucha

H20 Intake 100

[bm 3+, 2+]

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Day 5 - feeling great!

M1 Taco meat, 1.5 cups veg hash (onion, mushroom, greens, zucchini), 1/2 avocado, 2 cups black coffee.

M2 Leftover taco salad, roasted veg, leftover steak, 2 ribs, dressing of mayo & lizard sauce. Weird but tasty!

M3 Baked chicken quarter, baked potato (1/2) w/ ghee, w30 cauliflower rice.

Also 1bottle kombucha.
H20 Intake 75 + 2 la croix

[bm 3]

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Day 6 - I'm a little draggy this morning. I slept a bit rough due to discomfort in my foot and having to get up to pee 2x. I had way too much liquids before bed - LOL.

M1 3 eggs scrambled in 1/2 serving bacon fat. Roasted veg (broc, green beans, brussel sprouts, rbp, onion, Yukon gold potato) 1/2 avocado, 2 cups black coffee.

M2 Kahlua pig (little over 1 palm), coleslaw (cabbage, broc slaw, green apple, mayo, vinegar), leftover plantain (hmm, that's carb 2x today - guess I AM tired).

M3 Baked chicken quarter + wing, w30 cauliflower rice, asparagus, olive relish

H20 Intake 60+ 4 cups herbal tea and a La Croix
Decaf coffee w coconut milk after dinner.

[bm: 4]

My gut seems to be normalizing again and I'm not even a week in. Since most of what I had when riding my own bike was alcohol and dairy, I think dairy effects may be cumulative for me.. Something to watch when I do re-introductions again after this Whole 30.

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Wanted to jump in here and say "hey." I'm restarting tomorrow. I've gained some perspective, and I understand more of what happened to me Saturday. I was so emotional, not thinking clearly from the withdrawals. Like PMS, but a shade more intense. Glad to see you're doing well!

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@fmr_sailor - Hey! I really am so glad you recognized what was going on. The hormone rebalancing that goes on the first week or 2 can be intense. My sister last time mssg'd me that she was sitting on the laundry room floor crying and she didn't know why - and she is not a crier! I know you can tough it out this time. And you should be through the worst of it, even with non-compliant foods you had. Really won't set you back that far if at all.

I'm feeling pretty good today, but am having bouts of fatigue. I'm a few days out from starting my period, so I'm sure that's why. I noticed I had carby veg with 2 meals yesterday and didn't even think about it. Had a small amount of potato with breakfast this morning.

M1 3 eggs scrambled 1 thumb chicken fat, along with kale and bacon. Roasted veg (broc, green beans, Brussels sprouts, rbp, onion, Yukon gold potato), 2 fresh tomatoes, 3 cups black coffee (really tastes good today, indulging in an extra cup).

Pre-workout - HB egg w/ mayo

M2 chicken salad on a bed of baby spinach, 2 zucchini fritters, 1 cup chx bone broth

M3 kahlua pig with lizard sauce, roasted potatoes (KA Ketchup), coleslaw

H20 Intake 75 + 4 cups herbal tea, 1 bottle Kombucha

Exercise (so nice to be able to include that line!) - 15 minutes elliptical; 15 minutes recumbent bike, upper body weights, abs. 1 hr at the gym total.

[bm: 2+, 2 - no bueno. Had no fermented food yesterday, and a lot of brassicans (cabbage, broc and cauliflower)]


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M1 3 eggs scrambled in thumbnail of ghee, Onion, RBP, Mushroom, finely chopped kale, sauteed in 1 thumb schmaltz, (ate 1/2), 1/2 avocado, 1 fresh tomato, 2 cups black coffee

M2 chicken salad on a bed of baby spinach

M3 baked chicken leg and wing, skin from breast, roasted veg (broc, rbp, onion, b.sprouts, green beans) sauerkraut, green olives, Cauli-rice.

Exercise - off

H20 Intake 65 water + 5 cups tea + 16 oz Kombucha.

[bm: 3+]


Note about M3. My plate was very overloaded. I had a chicken leg, thigh and wing, the extra skin from the breast (chopped the meat up for chix salad), probably 1/4 cup of kraut, 7-8 olives, 1.5c roasted veg, at least 2/3rd cup cauli-rice. I ate around the plate until only thing left was the chicken thigh and I had to think about it for a solid 10 minutes. Was I full enough, or did I need to eat that too. I ended up deciding against and put it in the fridge.  I was hungry by 10:00 (only 2 hrs after dinner). by 10:30 I grabbed a closed handful of Macadamia nuts. Guess I should have eaten the thigh! LOL! 

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Holy crap! So many new logs I got bumped to page 2!  I may need to post more often :)


Observations on this glorious Day 9. well, that says it all. My mood is buoyant! I woke up at 5:10am and NOT because of the cats for a change. I was simply, pleasantly awake and ready for the day. In addition to breakfast and clean-up I got about 2/3rd of the front weeded  while my friend took my dog out for a run. So glad she's willing to do this to me while my foot heals. Ripley (the dog) will really miss out when that friend goes on vacation next week. Hopefully by then I can at least take her on some walks, but in the foot boot it is so awkward and tiring. 


M1 3 eggs scrambled in thumbnail of bacon fat, onion, RBP, Mushroom, finely chopped kale, sautéed in 1 thumb schmaltz, (ate 1/2), 1/2 avocado, 1 fresh tomato, 3 cups black coffee

Pre-Workout - 1 HB egg, mayo, 3 small roma tomatoes


M2 Kahlua Pig (less than a full palm) on raw spinach with lizard sauce, leftover chicken thigh, coleslaw with a bit of extra mayo

M3 Beef hamburger patties, roasted potatoes, cauliflower rice

night-time snace. A closed handfull of mac nuts. no more of those! I'll put them in the freezer.

Exercise - Recumbent bike for 20 min, AMT, for 10 min [Cardio = 30 minutes]  Upper body machines, Abs & pushups.  1:00  at gym . 

H20 Intake


[bm - 4 - things are going in the right direction! IBS be banished!] one note I think I see a pattern in that when I eat baby spinach things get better.  Had spinach today, but will cut out the next 2 days so I can see if that pattern is real, or imagined.

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Day 10 - 1/3rd of the way there!

M1 3 poached eggs, leftover oven roasted veg (potato, brusselsprouts, broc, cauli, onion, rbp), cauli rice, tomato sauce, lizard sauce (all mushed together, eggs on top)1/2 avocado, 2 cups black coffee

M2 Chicken salad on leaf lettuce, salad w vinaigrette 6 kalamata olives Kombucha.

M3 lamb shepherd pie, potato & cauliflower mash on top, roasted veg, olives.

Exercise -

H20 Intake

bm - 4, 3

The world is my oyster - so to speak. 3 day weekend stretches out in front of me. Now to figure out what to do with myself...

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Day 11 -

M1 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, onion, mush, rbp, 1/2 avocado, 2 cups black coffee

M2 Shepherd's pie, roasted veg, mayo, Kombucha.

M3 beef hamburgers on portobello mushrooms, all the fixings, coleslaw

Exercise -

H20 Intake 80

bm - 3+, 3+

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Day 12 -

M1 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, onion, mush, rbp, 1/2 avocado, 2 tomatoes (small) 2 cups black coffee

M2 taco salad. Kombucha.

M3 chicken leg, serving of Shepherd's pie, brussel sprouts, mayo dollop.


Snacks - 4 slices Liverwurst (compliant)  w/ mustard, 2 small handfuls Macadamia nuts. I was starving by about 4:30 today for some reason. Ate the LW first and waited but still hungry. had nuts (bad mistake) which led to more nuts.  too many nuts for me in one day and I paid for it the next morning. :(

H20 Intake 90, laCroix, 2 pints Iced tea

bm - 4

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I feel really really good today. Nice even energy, good mood, cooperating GI tract - again, all is right with my world! :)  Plus I finally deemed my SCOBY mature enough to try her out.  Move her from her growing chamber into a gallon of sweetened English Breakfast this morning. Here's pics of her before I slipped her into her new home. Now we wait to see if she can handle the pressure... eek!




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Day 13 -

M1 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, onion, mush, rbp, & zucchini 1/2 avocado, 1 tomato, 2 cups black coffee

M2 taco salad. dressing of avo, mayo, lizard sauce, salsa, thinned with vinegar. Small handful of pistachios.

M3 2lamb chops, olive relish, mashed potato/cauliflower w ghee, broccoli with EVOO and s/p

H20 Intake 90, laCroix, 2 pints Iced tea, 3 herbal tea


Again, after dinner, SNACKING! 5 slices of liverwurst w/ mayo and mustard, 2 handfuls of macadamia nuts. This better be related to my period. I am currently 4 days late and think I may finally be getting into PMS. I'll make an effort to eat a larger dinner tomorrow to allay the desire to snack.

bm - 4, 2, 1+ [NUTS!! too many nuts yesterday. Nothing else except the LW was new to my diet] 2 steps forward, 1 step back it seems. Still, that's over a week with out any IBS-D

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Day 14


M1 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed kale, onion, mush, rbp, zucchini 1/2 avocado, 2 tomato, 3 cups black coffee

M2 Shepherd's pie & coleslaw, large cup of bone broth. (this was my post WO and I totally forgot the carby veg again. need to get back into the swing of exercising.)

M3 3 chicken legs, 2c roasted potato, 2c roasted veg (sprouts, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper), 1 thumb mayo** Huge dinner, heavy on carbs to try to curb my evening snacking and it seemed to work. Was an EMBARRASSINGLY large amount of food. I still think the munchies are PMS related and once I start will subside.


H20 Intake 100, 2 c herbal tea, 1 LaCroix


exercise - 30 minutes recumbent bike, 10 on AMT. No weights today, just cardio.


bm - 4


It's so funny. I've had scrambled eggs every morning (for the most part) this Whole 30 and I just can't get enough. Came in to work this morning, and the eggs they supplied for the meeting smelled absolutely VILE! Not sure if it's because I had had breakfast not too long ago, or if the eggs they use are vile to begin with. Hah!


Had too many nuts again yesterday, (see my note about snacking after dinner), but didn't suffer for it. Had a very normal BM and am super pleased! So, maybe it wasn't the nuts that caused the problem...?? I thought it had to be either that or the liverwurst, but had both last night will no ill effects. Huh.  dunno.

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