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Acha food, health, spirit log


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So, today is Day 10 (including a day zero, it's eleven).

For breaky, I had:

Chicken sausage with peppers and onions (1 palm of protein, .25 cup veg)

Spinach sauteed in the sausage pan (.75 cup)

Steamed green beans (.75 cup)

Coffee with coconut milk (about 5 oz.coconut milk)


hamburger patty with homemade red pepper aioli, onion slice (1 palm protein,one thumb fat)

Sauteed spinach (.75 cup)

Yellow squash (1 cup)

Banana, small

Supper, I will have:

Pan-fried cod with Cajun spice

roasted asparagus

New potatoes with parsley and ghee

Other stuff about health: I woke up several times last night with clogged throat. I felt yucky this morning, tired and achy, but have slowly been improving. I still feel under the weather, but I hope to be on the mend by tomorrow.

Exercise: minimal, stretched and did moderate arm and legs with a little walking.

Emotions: feeling ok. I was a bit down this morning because of the crud and was worried about weight gain. I plan to spend a few minutes breathing and focusing.

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