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Hi there!

Today is day 1 of my first ever Whole30. I am a Longhaul Flight Attendant (Cabin Crew for those of us from the UK!). This means that during July I will be in many different cities in the US, as well as Israel and South Africa. I will only be back home in London for 9 out of the 30 days.

It is necessary for me to eat onbaord the aircraft, in hotel rooms and in restaurants very frequently. The dining out and travel guides online and in The Whole30 book have been useful, but it would be great to have some support from other Flight Attendants who are completing, or have completed, the Whole30. Or any other members who travel to the same extent during their Whole30.

I know that although I am doing my Whole30 in difficult circumstances, the fact that my routine is so irregular, and often unhealthy, has made it necessary for me to complete the Whole30 to gain control of my diet ASAP!!

Any help appreciated, Many thanks :)

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