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starting this new journey


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So here i am, tired of my excuses, tired of the self doubt, tired of the self-pity, ready to take on this new challenge.   

I am a very busy mom of four, two teenage boys, (Lord help me)  a 12 year old boy with a slight learning disability ( but, don't we all have one!)  and, a feisty 10 year old girl.   She has to be, to keep up with three older brothers!   


I am ready to do this for me.  Hopefully in the process drop the 10 lbs. I have allowed myself to gain, break the sugar habit, and not gonna lie here, the hardest of all, give up wine for 30 days!   scary even saying it!   Maybe that's another issue all in itself!

And, reignite my fire for the Ashtanga yoga practice that I have allowed to take a back seat.  I fall into  a pattern of, overeat, or binge, drink a little, or a lot, of wine, feel bloated, guilty, discouraged, the next morning, so I find an excuse to skip practice.   Or, if I do go, i think they can read it on me that I have been  "bad" to myself, which goes against everything we are working to avoid while inhaling and exhaling, and setting our focus and intention somewhere pleasant.  


So, here I go!!    30 days, raw and honest, obstacles to overcome, sweet tooth to put into the abyss, and last but certainly not least........ saying goodbye to the sweet nectar off the vine.    


Let's get this party started, but first, my egg-white omelet with roasted zucchini is calling my name!

In Light!

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Welcome, sounds like you have your hands full!


Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that here in Whole30Land we want you to eat the whole egg, not just the white.  Often people have leftover egg white that they want to use up, but if you are doing egg white because you somehow think it's healthier, we would encourage you to discard the "yolk is bad" dogma and eat the whole egg.  And eggs, when they are your singular protein, are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping....so for most folks that's at least 3-4.

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Good luck and welcome! I started on an odd day so today is my day 26. Wine has been the hardest part and I'm not going to lie, I can't wait to get back to it! I'm making myself save that for the end of my reintroduction phase, so it'll be closer to two weeks for me till I drink again.

I would open a bottle while I turned the music on and cooked for the week and cleaned and it's been real difficult to not tell myself oh, you're almost done. You can add the wine back for the weekend.

But I am sleeping SO much better and I know that's one of the reasons. And drinking led to me eating unhealthy things too. Or like you said, wake up bloated and discouraged which would lead to a day of unhealthy eating, then maybe another day. . .

Are you keeping a log in that section of the forum? I found it really helped me.

Congrats on making the commitment to yourself and good luck again!

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I love Ashtanga yoga! I used to have a fairly regular home practice using David Swenson's DVD. When I got pregnant the first time (2004) and couldn't do inversions anymore, my yoga practice went by the wayside. I could almost get myself into an unsupported headstand when I stopped!

Welcome to the Whole30!!! Today is my Day 3, and I'm blessed to be feeling pretty well. Enjoy your journey, and I look forward to seeing how it goes for you!

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