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Janelle's July Whole 30!


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I'm Janelle and this is my first whole30! I was on vacation/traveling yesterday, so I decided to start today (July 2nd) instead of July 1st. I am really excited to be part of the July whole30!


Reasons I'm doing a whole30

- want to avoid energy crash during the afternoon

- want to clear up some acne

- want to break my pattern of restricting then binge eating

- enjoy yummy and delicious food that makes me feel good!

- honestly, i'm hoping for some weight loss as well! 


Today was off to a good start. I didn't have time to get a ton of supplies because I had just gotten back from vacation, so I did improvise a little bit and got Chipotle for lunch. 


Breakfast - 2 eggs and broccoli slaw cooked in coconut oil

Lunch - chipotle carnitas salad with guacamole and pico de gallo

Dinner - chicken thigh, plantain fried in ghee, green beans


I have tomorrow off work, so I plan to get more groceries and do some 4th of july meal prep then. 

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Today went pretty well again. I'm feeling really tired and low energy. In the past month, I've gotten in the habit of trying to get 10,000 steps/day by taking short walks. Today I was too tired to meet that goal :/ I cut myself some slack because I was traveling recently and I'm making a lot of food changes. I did make it to the gym and get some time on the elliptical in. 


Here's today's food:


Breakfast - 3 eggs and kale sauteed in ghee

Lunch - 2 chicken and apple sausages, kale, apple cider vinaigrette, caramelized onions, blueberries, and an apple

Dinner - chicken breast, plantain fried in ghee, steamed green beans


I think I overdid the fruit at lunch a bit today. I ate about 1.5 cups of blueberries and the apple. I'm going to stick to having just one serving of fruit at a meal, and portion it out beforehand. I also got full before I finished the whole plantain but it was so good that I finished it! I think if I hadn't had so much fruit at lunch it would have been just right. Hopefully as I continue on whole30 it will be easier for me to listen to my hunger/fullness signals; right now I'm mostly focused on what food I'm eating. 


My boyfriend and I are going into DC tomorrow for the day and staying to watch fireworks. So we're packing lunch and dinner. Today I prepped chicken salad with celery and lettuce wraps for lunch, and bunless burgers, balsamic brussels sprouts, and sweet potato wedges for dinner. I'm glad all our food is good to go for tomorrow. 

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