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day 3 and I am on the floor!

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Day 3 and I am totally exhausted, zero energy! 

I started on the 1st July, today I had to go to the doctors for the chest and throat infection and he gave me antibiotics which I started this morning and are making me feel sick.

My reason for doing whole 30 is my constant sore throat and swollen glands.  I have suffered from bouts of chronic fatigue for 15 years since a bad viral infection in my 20s.


Today I feel so bad I feel like quitting but desperately want to push through.  Is this normal day 3 feelings or is it worse become im ill??  Help and advice much appreciated!  

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It is worse because you are ill. It is worse because antibiotics kill useful gut bacteria. Day 3 is often a day that people start feeling tired, but you have a lot of extra stuff. 


Keep making good food choices - meats, fats, veggies. Be sure to eat starchy veggies every day as most people feel and perform better when they do. Get some probiotics to help replenish good gut bacteria.


What you should know about probiotics
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