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No Sleep- Day 4

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The past three days I've been struggling with my sleeping patterns and when I do get sleep I've still been feeling just as tired. Before W30 I fell asleep easily at the end of each day, but now I'lll lay for hours restless. It may be from strenuous exercises such as gymnastics, 4k running and (at my level!) crossfit this week which I dont usually have time for (its now the school holidays). It could possibly be just the "hangover" that i'm experiencing, but my sleeping patterns are off too so im not sure. I've been eating a pretty balanced diet I think, yesterday I had:

for breakfast; sanchoybau (compliant, don't worry), with one boiled egg and a banana

for lunch; roast potato, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin w/ zucchini, beans and fish.

snacks; 2 strawberries and one mandarin, a handful of almonds and goji berries

for dinner; i had a huge plate of roasted potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, pork, beef, zucchini, beans, sweet peas and crackling with 2 strawberries after. (I don't usually have this much fruit or roasted foods!)


hope I posted in the right section,


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Have you checked out the meal template? Try to make all your meals meet the template for best results.


For breakfast you had a bit of seasoned ground meat in lettuce leaves, one boiled egg and a banana? (I'm not familiar with sanchoybau, that's what my google turned up -- if I'm wrong, let me know). Depending on how much meat you had, you may have been short on protein, you were almost certainly short on vegetables (you should be aiming for at least one cup of vegetables at each meal, preferably more like 2-3). And you could use more fat as well.


Beans and sweet peas are legumes and are not allowed on a Whole30. Please check out the Whole30 rules.


Did you have at least one palm-sized serving of fish at lunch? And did you add some kind of fat to your meal?


If you're truly hungry between meals, have a mini-meal of at least protein and fat and preferably also some vegetables. Fruit should only be eaten with a meal, not on its own or with nuts, and try to limit your fruit to 1-2 servings per day, where a serving is about fist-sized.


When you work out, you can include pre- and post-workout meals. Pre-workout should be protein and fat -- often people will have an egg, maybe with a little mayo. Post-workout should be lean protein and starchy vegetable -- limit the fat in this one, as you want it to digest quickly within 15-30 minutes of finishing your workout. Pre-workout meals are less important if you work out during the day and don't feel hungry beforehand and have the energy to get through your workouts, but post-workout meals are meant to help muscle recovery, so they're more important, and you definitely should include them after your crossfit workout.


As for why you can't sleep, I'm not sure. It may have been the quantity of fruit you had, some people report that it interferes with their sleep when they have a lot of fruit. It might just be the changes in diet and activity level and might level off in a few days.


In the meantime, if you don't already, try the tips in this article and see if it helps any.

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In my sanchoybau I put minced beef, water chestnuts, cabbage, carrot and onions in the cup of lettuce. This was cooked with coconut oil.


oops! I meant green beans snow peas


Yes, the fish was as big as my palm. It was cooked with olive oil, I thought that was sufficient?


Thanks so much for the tips! 

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The oil or fat you cook in does not count towards your fat in a meal, unless you scrape out the fat that is left in the pan. Otherwise, add additional fats -- mayo, avocado, olives, ghee on you veggies or fish... something like that.

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