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Rachel's Post-Whole30


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My goal post-whole30 is to live as paleo as possible! After the reintro period, I'm going to stick with whole30 until my cousins wedding at the end of July! For now, this is my plan:


Day 1 (Saturday, July 4): Legumes

Today since its the 4th, I *might* try a cupcake at the party I'm going to. Not sure yet though...I'm gonna see how I feel after I fill myself up with good food. I have a feeling I'll want one bite, and then I'll be satisfied. I figured this might be okay, since I've really never had a problem with legumes.


Day 4 (Tuesday, July 8): Non-gluten grains


Day 7 (Friday, July 11): Dairy

Okay so this was my favorite food group of all time before whole30. I was obsessed with cheese. However, I really haven't craved it at all during these 30 days. But I still want to try it and see how I feel after. However, I am very excited to reintroduce ice cream!


Day 10 (Monday, July 14): Gluten Grains


Day 12 (Wednesday, July 17): Soy

On this day, I'm just curious to try my favorite drink from starbucks that I usually get with soy milk. I have a feeling I'm allergic to soy, but I'd be interested to see my reaction.


Well that's it! The main obstacle will be that during most of this I will be traveling for work throughout northern Indiana. But I'll do my best!


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Day 1

Soooo day 1 of reintros did not go great. Started off the day well, I had some pea shoots with breakfast and peanut butter with lunch. Where it went bad was at the 4th of July party. I ate a good dinner, but then I had two cupcakes and tortilla chips with queso dip (these are my weaknesses). 


Even though I technically "failed", I don't feel guilty. It was a mistake and mistakes happen. The queso dip was only okay so I only had a few bites. The cupcakes were also only okay, so I don't know why I felt the need to have two. However, I felt really gross afterwards so the bright side is I learned these foods aren't really worth it. Surprisingly though I didn't have much of a reaction to the food. Besides feeling gross after eating them, so far the only side effect I've had is some mild stomach discomfort. 


So now I've learned my lesson, and I will stick to the reintro plan from now on!

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Day 4

This day of reintros did not go so well either. This work trip has been more stressful than I thought it would be...its very physical. I'm walking about 8 miles a day through rough terrain while carrying equipment. So this morning, I had gluten free oatmeal for breakfast and then I had corn tortilla chips for lunch. However, for dinner we ended up going to a really good burger place with a $5 burger deal that night. So I ate bread and cheese. I don't feel completely bad because I didn't have a choice in where to go to dinner, and I was too hungry to sit in my hotel room and eat snacks. Let me tell you, it was a freakin' good burger!


I know how important these reintros are, so I am slightly mad about ruining my first two tests. However, I feel like dairy and gluten will be my two biggest ones so I will do my best to stick to those. 


On the other hand, I didn't have any immediate reactions to the non-gluten grains I ate. With the tortilla chips though, I felt like I had a little more gas. Obviously, I didn't get to see what the later reactions were going to be. 


Clean eating the next two days!!

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So I reintroduced dairy yesterday...and I waaaaaaaay overdid it. I binged on dairy basically. This doesn't really surprise me, considering my favorite food before whole30 was dairy (mostly cheese). On the other hand, my body didn't have as a bad of reaction as I thought would happen. I definitely had more gas, and felt bloated but it was nothing extreme. However the problem with dairy is that it is a food with no brakes for me so I need to be careful with it. 


Moving forward: I don't want to completely remove dairy from my diet because its my favorite food group. BUT I think in my every day diet I do not need to include it. I'll only have it on special occasions, or maybe have some milk in my starbucks every now and again. As much as I love cheese and ice cream, it's not worth the guilt I feel after binging. 

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Gluten reintro today! Main symptom so far is a pretty painful headache! I'm also a pretty sleepy, but that could just be because I'm bored at work. Even if I don't have any major reactions, I think moving forward I want to pretty much eliminate gluten! Its not something I really miss (except maybe cake), and there are so many substitutions for it that its almost completely unnecessary.

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