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No dairy = less cravings overall?

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I'm not doing a full-on Whole30, but I read ISWF and it has influenced me to make some big changes in my diet. I was already coming from a low-carb + "primal" way of eating. Since cutting dairy, I've noticed that I get FAR less cravings. I was eating a LOT of dairy before -- primarily cheese, also Greek yogurt and cream in my coffee. I don't feel the same alarming NEED to eat treats nonstop. I remember the discussion in ISWF about casomorphins (am I the only one who wants to spell it "quesomorphins"?? ;) ). I'm wondering if these could be the culprit as to why I can feel so addicted to eating for eating sake, even past the point of fullness. I've been eating low-carb/high fat for years so it's not like I was battling blood sugar spikes and crashes. What do you think? Has anyone experienced this?

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