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Starting July 6


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My name is Peg and I'm commiting to the Whole 30 today with my official start date of Monday, July 6.  


Until recently, I didn't fully appreciate the meals I ate growing up.  I was blessed with being raised on a family farm and our everyday meals consisted of foods "direct from the source."  Our meat came from animals raised on our farm, our vegetables came from our garden and fruits came from either our garden or local sources.  


My immediate and extended family has enjoyed good health and I believe it has a direct connection to the food we ate as we were raised on the farm.


I live in the suburbs now and those "direct from the source" foods aren't as easily accessible, but they are available.  I just have to shop a litte smarter and more often.  


I'm excited to introduce my family to the joys of simple foods.



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