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A little success can go a long way!


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Let's get straight to the point...during my second whole30 I lost about 9 lbs!!! I am now down to 169 lbs, and even though I'd still like to maybe lose about 20 lbs, this is an amazing start! I didn't take measurements beforehand, and now I'm wishing I did but oh well. I attached my before and after pics, and its not a huge difference but I can definitely see a change. While 9 lbs isn't one of the biggest numbers I've seen on here, for me this is huge because I have a super hard time losing weight! The last time I lost this much weight was after I got surgery and couldn't eat for two weeks (obviously I gained that weight right back)! I'm so proud that this time I lost weight in such a sustainable and healthy way! BUT as we all know its not just about the weight...



-Skin cleared up, also a lot brighter!

-Eyes brighter

-Face looks thinner

-Starting to feel muscles in my arms and thighs

-Much more energy, especially when I'm waking up at 6am for work

-Don't feel bloated or "fat" anymore

-Digestive system is happier

-Generally more positive and happy

-No more guilt

-I feel more in control 

-Less cravings

-Better understanding of how food affects my body

-Don't turn to food for emotional healing anymore


There are probably more but it's hard to think of them all!


What I'm proud of:

-That I stuck to this for 30 days without cheating!!

- Survived two work trips with minimal food resources, and was able to stay compliant!

-Didn't buckle to pressure of friends


What I could've done better:

-Eaten a wider variety of vegetables, and just more vegetables!!!! (although as a former vegetable hater, this was progress for me)

-Included more intense workouts (I mostly did yoga)

-Timed meals better


Overall, I am so happy with my results! I'm so excited to continue with a paleo lifestyle, and I can't wait to do this again in the future! My journey has only begun, and I cannot wait to see where I end up. I actually posted my results on Facebook and Instagram even though that is something I am usually uncomfortable sharing, and it was amazing to see how much positive feedback I got from my friends and family! Some have even reached out to ask me about whole30!


I'm so excited to continue on my journey!



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It always makes me smile to see how much happier & more confident everyone looks in their after pics - great job on completing, and good work on navigating travel too - it's a jungle out there!!

9lbs is a great number - that's a little over 2lbs a week which is a good pace and very sustainable.

That's a great list of NSVs too. Now hold onto that feeling of control by doing proper reintro's - we'll be happy to see you back, of course, just not with your tail between your legs  ;)

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