First week done with first Whole 30


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I just finished my Whole 30 on July 1. I am really excited I lost 14 lbs and feel really good. I am a pescetarian so I ate eggs and seafood the whole time in addition to other allowed foods.

So, now we are on a holiday weekend. Last night I went to the movies and decided to eat something I missed...the popcorn. I realized this is a huge trigger food for me because I did not want to put the bag down. I got a big bag because my husband and I were sharing it but he stopped eating. I could not let go of the bag and thought I was over this kind of behavior. Then the punishment continued. I woke up in the middle of the night and took awhile to fall back asleep. When I woke up my fingers were swollen. They got better by the end of the day but it was quite surprising.

Now I am not sure if I should start another Whole 30 or just treat this as an experience that I learned I have a bad relationship with movie theater popcorn and just avoid it. Tonight I wanted a drink because it was the 4th of July. I had some coffee with Bailey's and ended up satisfied with drinking half the cup. So maybe it is just the popcorn that is a trigger food for me? I guess I will see how I feel tomorrow.

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Popcorn is definitely a trigger food for many people, and movie popcorn isn't just popcorn, it's got some kind of seasoning that could have all kinds of stuff in it, there's no telling what oil they cook it in, and then there's the butter topping if you opt for that.  So really, you don't know how you'd react to just popcorn. 


When you do reintroductions, you want to wait at least two days before doing the next reintroduction, but if it takes longer than two days to really feel back to normal, you wait as long as it takes to feel good again before you reintroduce the next thing. (There's also another version of reintroductions, the slow roll reintroduction, that has you eating Whole30 style most of the time, reintroducing things as they come up naturally in your life.)


Ultimately, what you do with the information you learn from reintroducing items is up to you. Maybe there are times when you feel like the movie popcorn is worth it no matter the result, or maybe it's never worth it to feel like that. Your decision. You might check out the Guide to Nutritional Off Roading for more on that.

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