Day 3 diarrohea- is this normal

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Hi, I am on day 3 and feeling fine. No 'hangover' as such and my head feels fine but I have had diarrhoea this morning. I have ibs but it doesn't feel like an ibs attack, no cramping or pain just lots of wibbly wobblyness in my tummy like it's struggling to digest stuff. I'm hoping it is just a response to more veggies and it will settle down but just wanted some reassurance, is this common?



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Yep, the change in diet can have an effecton bowel movements and it can go either way & may take a few days to settle.

If you'd like to post a few days worth of food/liquid intake we could take a look and maybe troubleshoot for you...?

In the meantime I'd ensure you're getting adequate water on board (hlaf an ounce per pound of body weight minimum), maybe sticking to more bland foods like chicken soup, bone broth, mashed poattoes or scrambled egg - and go get yourself an OTC ant-diarrhoea med.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

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