Multiple medical conditions - how to start? Hashimoto's and IBS/IBD . . .

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Hi all,


I'm really wanting to embark on the Whole30 plan soon, but I am feeling confused and overwhelmed in terms of where to start.  I have Hashimoto's, as well as IBS symptoms and a high measured marker for IBD.  (I also have joint pain and stiffness, heart palpitations, and an amoeba that is considered non-pathogenic but probably not doing me too many favors!)  In reading the section for autoimmune conditions, as well as the one for IBS/IBD, it seems that each of those have more specific recommendations in terms of more foods to avoid.  I'm not sure what would be left if I eliminated all eggs, nightshades, beef, lamb, nuts & seeds, FODMAPS, AND coffee!!  Maybe I could do them in stages?  Like, begin with the IBS/IBD protocol (especially since my GI symptoms are making life really difficult right now, and autoimmune healing needs to begin in the gut anyway), and then move into the more autoimmune-specific protocol after 30 days if I can get my GI symptoms to improve?  I don't want to over-complicate this, but I would love some guidance, and would love to not keep eating foods that are irritating to my gut.  How do people decide what to prioritize?




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My first question would be, how different would just doing a straight Whole30 with no further restrictions be from what you're eating now?


If it's very, very different, I'd go with a regular Whole30 but eliminate obvious IBS/IBD triggers like coffee (and anything else you know causes you problems). Focus on cooked vegetables, and maybe focus on having the vegetables in blue on the FODMAP list more than other vegetables.


The Whole30 on its own is an anti-inflammatory diet, so I think if it's very different from how you eat normally, you'll see a fair amount of improvement, and then when you've got into a rhythm of prepping and cooking food, it'll be a little easier to work on eliminating other foods.


If Whole30 isn't very different from how you eat already, then maybe you can do more. I think either way, I'd focus on the IBS/IBD protocol first, since that's the thing causing you the most problems right now. See how you feel after 30 days and then decide what to do -- because honestly, with the issues you have, this is something you'll need to do for more than just 30 days. Medical issues like this don't just go away in a month, unfortunately.

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Hi, I have suspected Hashi's and definite mild IBS. Just finished my first Whole30 this week. I have tried AIP a few months back, with no changes to how I felt. (Not W30 with AIP though). Anyway, 2 weeks in to my W30 I was informed that I should try low FODMAP for the IBS, that is the only thing I have found that helps (woohoo!!!). Something nice about trying a low FODMAP protocol is, you may not have to completely eliminate FODMAP containing foods, I find I can tolerate most if I only have a small serving of a FODMAP food at each meal, and alternate them too.

I hope you figure out a happy medium and get some relief!!

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