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Becky's whole30 log


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Day 4 in the bag! started off feeling awful, very fuzzy headed, weak, no energy so maybe this is the carb hangover? It cleared by late morning though and breakfast of fish, egg, fried potatoes and spinach helped. 

didn't get lunch until 3pm but the breakfast was enough to see me through, amazed I didn't feel the need to attack the sugar stash at work! 


starting to feel like I have more energy and have more control over my eating. 


Enjoying eating good food and really savouring it. Still feeling a bit weird eating lots of meat/ fish/ eggs but I am hoping I will get used to it. 

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Day 20- still been getting ibs symptoms and so looking at FODMAPs and possibly extending to a whole 40. Todays food

1-2 rashers bacon, 3 eggs, mushrooms* and a peach*

2- no fuss salmon fishcakes, watercress, olives, avocado* nakd bar.

peppermint tea.

tummy a bit gassy at 5pm

3- leftover salmon cake, olives, smoked mackerel fillet, leftover zoodles and pulled pork with carrots and green beans.

a bit farty tonight. Maybe the avocado?

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Tummy unhappy this morning. Urgency and sloppy poo. Feeling quite grumpy in the mornings still :/

1-poached egg, salmon, green beans, half an avocado*

hungry/craving soon after so had brasil nuts, date and nakd bar. really unhappy about this.

2-stuffed peppers, turkey, courgette, tomato, lettuce, cumin, celery salt. bloody lovely!

teeny bit of melon

3-beef curry, coconut milk, curry powder, courgette, spinach, carrot, potato and teeny bit almond butter. melon, strawberry and banana alongside. yummy!

no gurgling so far :)

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No urgency this morning but still very sloppy poo :( 


1- 3 eggs, 2 chopped up tomatoes, olive oil, dried basil and dried corriander, banana


Went climbing, felt AWESOME! really strong and good climbing. Resisted nakd bar while boys had flapjacks. Beasting that sugar dragon today!


2- leftover stuffed peppers, leftover curry (only a little bit) with a jacked potato and olive oil.


napped for 3 hours!! oops! obviously tired. 


3- sweet potato and carrot soup, olive oil drizzle. smoked mackerel, melon, strawberry and orange. brazil nuts. 


tummy a bit gurgly now, nothing major though. 

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Day 23. Feeling pretty amazing! Tiger blood? boom! 

I have noticed that I can go for a lot longer between meals now and feeling hungry isn't a dreadful "must eat NOW!!" thing, more "yeah, I'm hungry but I can last another hour" it's an amazing feeling. Stable energy through the day too, brilliant. 


I did a solid (ish) poo today! clearly low FODMAP is the way to go! 



1- bacon, eggs, tomatoes, spinach. Lovely breakfast

2- 2 chicken thighs, yellow pepper, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, mayo, banana

3- greek salad, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, olives (lots!) and pork gyros from the Greedy Greek. Olive oil on the salad. Resisted hubby's chips. 


no gurgling, no pain, hopefully this is me sorted now....

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