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Extending my Whole30


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I'm thinking of extending my whole30. This is day 28. My main problem before was the sugar dragon and I fed it mostly by drinking my calories first thing in the morning and continuing that through the day. Then ending the day with a bowl of cereal or something equal. Poor food choices all around but sugar fueled me. I feel I've made a lot of progress in curbing how I worship sugar. I've enojyed the food, I'm tolerating late night cravings and they aren't as common. I don't really miss alcohol. However first thing I can imagine doing off whole30 is having a creamy iced coffee with a bit of sugar. Not all day every day just that's what I've missed the most. Reading through here it seems like having a day to have my coffee and then starting again the next day may not be advised. It wouldnt be a reintroduction. I think I should continue because I want to do better with meal planning so I can force translating this to my life going forward and honestly I want more of this weight I've added the last few years off and I'm afraid that won't happen if I have the freedom to follow my whims, so to speak. I know I've seen an IG account of sisters who did a whole100 and I've seen tags of whole60. Any advice or thoughts on this from some one who has done this?


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Honestly Sherry I've been at this for 6 weeks and restarted twice now I'm halfway through doing well

My point is on the coffee I gave it up after 25 years I'm not sorry either I had a nice weight loss over 11 lbs NSVs galore

The coffee interfered with my cortisol and blood sugar levels I'm not a diabetic I know it prevented my fat loss because I'm steady and stable It was hard to give up Maybe you'd might try it for 30 days It may help you decide

When to start your reintro

Sugar can come roaring back to derail you too

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I'm on day 67 of a Whole100. I have several Autoimmune issues and 30 days for me is JUST where I start to see progress and couldn't see myself quitting right at that point. I have done really well with it, even though it's hard socially. I do not miss a lot of the things I used to eat and the sugar dragon is pretty tame. However, I will be honest with you, I think daily about my coffee with cream and sugar. It's been 67 days, and I still think about it. I even thought about reintroducing it first because that's what I missed the most. I am not sure that I am going to add sugar, but just cream. I can't avoid it forever. I hope to treat it as a just that, a treat. Maybe on  the weekend and that's it? If you want to extend it, go for it! I've had an amazing time with it. I do have a a Whole30 (100) journal going if you want to read along.


It's been great, but obviously, it hasn't fixed everything. I still want my coffee. I'll cross that bridge at the end of my 100 days.

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This is day 45 for me, and I am feeling great with some amazing NSV, clothes are fitting better, pants I have not worn in 2 years, are comfortable, & some are really baggy, sleeping better and not needing to snack! My sugar demon has not come back but I remain on guard ( been addicted to sugar since early childhood...52 years old...time to be done).

I will weigh and measure tomorrow morning.

I have a couple of questions; my husband and I head to a outdoor concert on Friday-Sunday....motel at night, outdoor concert venue with all of the "vendors" and sweet lemonade. I am making plans on food to take, and water and Kombutcha for special drinks!

I am concerned that I will "cave in" when it comes to the blended frapp that has been a "treat and tradition " at this festival...

How do you all deal with the pressure and temptation and also the "strict Whole30 " plan (which I like) ...to find compromise?

Do I just try a couple...and then start a Whole 45 after we get back?

I am a little nervous....any ideas and advice would be appreciated!

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Do you think it's time for a proper reintroduction?

Go slow roll. You've been compliant this long add one thing every other day You can always remain strict Whole 30 again You have to learn what works for you individually

Only add what you miss don't. go all the way

Sorry, Mega, the slow roll isn't at all "add one thing every other day".  Slow roll is where you continue along Whole30 until something comes up that is worth it.  At that time you do a "reintro" of that thing and then go back to Whole30 until such time as another thing comes up that you deem worth it. Typically this takes quite a long time for people really "slow rolling".


The expedited reintro schedule would have the person trying one item and then staying Whole30 for at least the next 2 days to assess reaction. Then moving on to the next thing.  


Eating one thing every other day could lead to a situation where not enough time between items has been left and a reaction occurs so there is no definitive diagnosis about what caused the issue.

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MeGA"gardener", I am feeling amazed this morning as I weighed and measured! I am down 11lbs and 15 inches total! 4 1/2 off of my waist alone....i was hoping for a 5lb + weight loss, so seeing the scale 11lbs, is HUGE for me!!

I am making a "protein bite" for this weekend that is made from almond butter, chia seeds, flax, currants, gf oatmeal and I will add unsweetened applesauce for the sweetener (instead of honey, like I used to do, hubby is allergic, I don't need it!)...

I am bringing RXbars and some homemade deer sticks(like slim jims, no preservatives) along with carrots/celery almond butter!

I am "mentally " preparing for this weekend.....By God's Grace, I will handle this, with no regrets!

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I have a question about whether it's appropriate/recommended to extend my Whole30.

I am on day 22 so I understand that I MIGHT experience some huge changes in the next 8 days, although I haven't so far.


The good:

I feel and look slimmer (haven't cheated with the scale)

I have more stable energy between meals

I have experienced more stable emotions and less stress, even when I don't sleep enough (3 month nursing babe)

Nursing babe is spitting up less often

I haven't craved sugar much


The bad:

I don't feel like superwoman--no extraordinary bursts of energy

Still wake up groggy (again, nursing babe)

Sinus issues, eczema outbreak on hands, suboptimal digestion/elimination have yet to resolve themselves


My question is, if this was you, would you continue for another week or two or more? Would you think these issues should be improved in the 30 days? I'm trying to decide whether to reintroduce one or two things (raw milk and raw cheese) and continue with a modified Whole30 type eating plan for awhile, but including those things...or on the other hand, if I should try eliminating even more foods first. That thought is a bit overwhelming as I already feel like there's so much I CAN'T eat.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi KassiaMB!  Welcome to Whole30!!  I am not an expert, so won't comment a lot.  But....


First off, if you have a 3 month old baby, I think there are lots and lots of reasons to feel less-than-superwomanish.  If you can manage to feel like a just-average-surviving-human most days, you're doing far better than many women.  If you feel good eating this way, keep going.  But -- your hormones are in a huge state of flux right now, as I know you know!  There are a lot of things going on with you, and anything that helps you be healthier or take care of your family better, great!  That includes naps at 11am, by the way.  And 2pm.  And 8pm.  


Also, remember to Eat Enough.  You're eating for you and that hungry baby, so it seems to me that further limiting your foods may not be helpful.  Also see above re: hormone flux.  If you change more things right now, you may not really be able to tell what's affecting what.


So I suggest just continuing as you are and working hard to make sure that you are eating enough foods (and drinking enough water!) for optimal health. 


ThyPeace, remember, I am not an expert.

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