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Good Things Are Happening In My Life


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And its all because of this little program called The Whole30.


I've done two rounds myself, the first was with my then 19yo daughter, the second was with a friend who baled on me half way. I didn't let that stop me, and I completed the round successfully and feel amazing.


My husband has intolerances to gluten, which are pretty obvious to us. Yet he continues to mindlessly eat it, which often leaves me shaking my head.


A while ago a documentary was released here called "That Sugar Film", it wasn't showing anywhere close to me, so I never got the chance to see it. While I was grocery shopping I saw that its now available to buy, so I grabbed a copy. Its about a guy who goes from eating no sugar, to consuming the average persons sugar intake eating foods that are thought to be healthy, ie - Juice, yoghurt, muesli bars and how that effects him not only physically but mentally.


I sat down with my husband and my 10yo son and we all sat there glued to it.


I knew a lot of the info which was in the film already, as I've read a lot of articles and am really interested in learning as much as I can about food and nutrition etc. Of course a lot of these things I've told my hubby, which he maybe didn't believe or didn't understand. Well he sat there glued to it as well, in fact his mouth hung open a lot of the time, when he could visually see the effect sugar is having on us.


Afterwards we were talking about it, and he said what I thought was healthy, really isn't at all. The penny had dropped, along with my jaw!! I said to him that's why the Whole30 cuts out all sugar. He turned to me and said I want to do my own Whole30!! Once again my jaw hit the floor.


So today he's weighed himself, we've done measurements and today is his Day 1.


My dear Mum is very overweight and has a lot of health issues. She told me a couple of weeks ago, she wants to do the Whole30 too, because she's so inspired by my success. She hasn't started yet, but she's reading my Whole30 book and getting her head around the program. I'm not pushing her, but I'm standing back and answering her questions when they come up. She needs to do it in her own time. But I truly believe she WILL do it. Even though it will be hard for her, she has me here cheering her on.


Life is awesome, and I couldn't be happier. I wake up with a smile on my face and a happy heart. Those who are nearest and dearest to me are becoming aware, and hopefully that awareness can lead them to them feeling the way I do. And we can have a ripple effect in our community.


I wanted to share this with those of you who are just starting on this journey. Yes there will be hard days, but it will be all worth it. Not only are you healing yourself, you too can be an inspiration to those that matter the most. So be brave, and keep going.


Love and hugs,

Michelle from down under xo

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I saw a trailer for that documentary a while back & have just waiting on a release date for it for the UK - must have a search on Amazon and see if it's available...

ETA: for anyone in the UK interested in watching this it's available for pre-order on Amazon with a price promise of £13.99 & a release date of 27th July 2015.

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Whole 30 non-scale success! I am on Day 15 (halfway there!) and today I put on a bathing suit that had been starting to get too small. Because the back is low but the front comes up right over my breasts, I was showing some side boob the last few times I wore this suit. Today, after 15 days on whole 30, no side boob! I've been of course been feeling more energetic, less lethargic, less fatigued, in a better mood, as well as thinking more clearly, but I've waiting for a physical sign that this is working and now I have one! Yay!!

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The film is being released around the world, so keep a look out for it. It gives really good insight into what sugar does to us, both in mood swings, energy highs and lows and the weight it adds to our bodies.


Here's the official website, if you'd like to check it out. There is also a book available too.



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