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Starting today:July 6th


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Today is my first day and I'm both excited and nervous.  I really wanted to wait until after 4th of July weekend, and now that it's here I keep finding reasons I should hold off (trip to San Francisco this weekend, wedding anniversary next Monday, etc.).  However, I know that there will always be some kind of event, trip, or other road block trying to keep me from my goals so I just decided to dive right in today as I had planned to do in the first place. 


Working out is a passion of mine, but am not nearly as disciplined as I need to be when it comes to what I'm eating.  I got to my goal weight through exercise, but am not forced to accept that I won't lose all of the body fat I need to lose unless I change my diet, so that is what brought me here.


My husband works in partnership with breweries so asking him to do this with me would be pointless.  I am hoping to stick with it and no it will be so rewarding once I have completed it.  Anyone else starting today??

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