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Well, what happened?  :o

I woke up this morning totally sluggish, went to gym and did not have much energy at all for running

walked for 25 minutes then I did my weight training, tired when I got home.

Must say I sleep better.

Yesterday was  full of temptations too, but I managed to stay on track  ( a small victory there.) :)

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Good Morning, ingmarie.

Performance in the gym can suffer for as much as two weeks when first taking on Whole30. As your body adapts to being a fat burner instead of using sugar for energy, things can feel heavy and tired.

If you would like to make sure you are on the right track, please feel free to post a couple days of typical food consumption including portions and timing, fluids, stress, sleep and exercise. We can take a look and see if anything stands out that you could tweak to reduce your tiredness.

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