A small success to share on Day 5....


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I just wanted to share a little success story on my Day 5.....

Today I felt a little tired, a little moody, basically right along with what the timeline in the book states. Kill all the things/eat all the things... You betcha. Overall just not really having the best of days I'll admit. But then... I got on the train to go home tonight and some guy brings Poutine on the train ( I know who does that right?) and is eating it right beside me. Now I've never been a gal that passes on poutine let me tell you. French fries, gravy, cheese curd... come on now. And I am Canadian so I think by law I have to enjoy it. But today all I could think about was how unhealthy and gross it really is. And the smell? Yuck it didn't smell good at all. And it looked disgusting. Not worth putting in this body.

What is going on with me? I don't feel like I was abducted by aliens last night. But then who knows, I may have Poutine dreams tonight.. I hear weird food dreams can happen along the way.

I am going to count this as one small success, in hopefully many more to come in the next 25 more days.

Thanks for letting me share what I am now calling "the Poutine event"

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I joked about having food dreams...  but I actually had one last night about fish and chips ( I haven't eaten fish and chips in a loooong time) I didn't eat it in my dream, but I just stared at it while it sat on the table. Weird.....

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Good for you!!!!  I can relate to this!


On this past weekend they had a Poutine Festival near the Old Port of Montreal.  SO and I both had the day off on Friday so we thought we would stroll around the Old Port and maybe grab a bite there later (not doing a W30 at the moment)


Well the air around the area just smelled heavy with rancid oil and it really turned both of us off. For the record - I'm not big on Poutine - but I do love fries.  So I had given myself permission to have fries with pulled pork.  But when it came right down to it - I just didn't want any.  I really didn't want any of it.  So we grabbed a lovely bite on a terrace restaurant.


I know if I had eaten at the Poutine Festival that I would have felt bloated and gross and wouldn't have wanted to go out for my special dinner that night (birthday celebrations)

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