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Freebie or Lifeline

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Mother In Laws (especially after kids)

I think there should be an exception to the "NO RED WINE" rule if you have one of these.

Ya'll may reconsider if you borrow mine for a week.

You just may make a "Break Glass in the case of extreme emergencies as to keep casualties to a minimum" rule.

Upon getting mine back, I expect to see the revision in the next edition. ;)

Hashtag: WorkingOutDoesntHelpWithTHISstress

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Mine still doesn't know that we're having a baby. I am dreading telling her...lot of upheaval/drama in her life right now and she's already been talking about moving in with hubby and I and just...NO. Would it be nice having someone cook food for me when I have a tiny one at home? Yes. Do I want her or my mom to be that person? NOPE.


Introverts should never feel pressured to have a parent/in-law move in with them. Home needs to be safe, not full of other non-belonging people...

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