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2nd W30 - Practicing lessons learned and Improving!


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Here I am, Day 31 of my first W30, and embarking on my next W30 tomorrow.  I learned a lot in the last 30 days and plan to practice the good habits I have been setting in place, improve on habits and routines I am trying to set into my daily life, and be compliant with the spirit of W30, not just the technically compliant foods.


I had some definite improvements and victories over the last month, but I feel I still have more to accomplish with the program and a few things I need to get a better handle on before I am ready for reintroduction.   I feel the structure of the program will keep me on track while I am continuing to improve and detailing which types of food affect me in positive or negative ways.


Victories:  Allergies?  GONE.  Energy levels up and steady, have been noticing how different compliant foods affect my energy levels, mood, and general well being.  Mood much more stable in the positive side, sleep is better.  Discovered a world of flavor in foods that I had been missing.


Things I am learning but need improvement on:  staying within the template portion and stopping when satiated, listening to signals when my body tells me what it needs, finding the right ratio of foods within the template.


Definite goals for this W30:  Make daily exercise a habit.  Get more sleep (go to bed on time!), Maintain hydration while working inside.  Commit to the clean eating lifestyle and break snack habits permanently.


Improvements I would like to see happen during this W30: More "tiger blood" days, weight loss (of course), continued improvement in hair/nails and skin.  Bloating/water retention disappearing.  Hormones settle down and regulate themselves.


Planning I have done today:  Set up spare bedroom as "home gym" with mirrors and wall calendar/scheduler to keep it real (and fun - the calendar came with stickers!).  Planned small rewards for myself for achievements such as completeing daily exercise for a solid week, etc.  (all non  food, of course).  Got my new journal set up.  Got my white board on the fridge with rules clearly posted so my husband won't accidentally add something I can't have. (He's very supportive and has been helping me the last month.) Got on here and wrote a novel, lol.


I'm ready, I'm psyched, and looking forward to great results from this 2nd month.


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Day 1 of Round 2 :)


Feeling a little lost without the rest of the group and missing my daily newsletter.  Apparently I saved all but Day 1 and Day 2 from last month.  Still have to work on my prepping, did ok with M1 and M2 today, but my PWO was definitely NOT the recommended amount or food, but better than nothing.  M3 cooked immediately after workout, seems a little odd to cut back on fat now.


I need to find a solution to my PWO that I can have ready in the fridge at home or carry with me and eat on the way home.  One that does not cost a fortune, preferably.  Perhaps I will find something on the forums tonight.


I did get on the elliptical tonight, was a MUCH more intense workout than I was expecting, I am dripping.  Also, much more out of shape than I thought.  I have lost a lot of stamina in the last two months working mostly inside. :(   It will get better.  First 3 days are the hardest - I remember from the last time I had to use indoor equipment, lol.  I will perservere.


Tonight's immediate goals:  Prep for tomorrow's meals.  Write in my journal (I finally started keeping a food journal to keep track of how I feel after eating).  GO TO BED ON TIME.


M1: 2 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, handful of sliced mushrooms, handful of fresh spinach, diced pepper - cooked in coconut oil

M2: Protein salad of chicken/apple sausage, avocado, diced sweet potato, diced peppers, chopped kale, pecans, raspberry vinaigrette. Small cling peach.

PWO (ok, snack - not really qualified as a meal) - half a handful of pecans

M3: Chicken/apple sausage, kale, 1/2 sweet potato, onion "hash"


I'm still running heavier on the fruit and nuts than I think I need to.  I think I overused the fruit last time and am planning on cutting back to "occasional" instead of nearly every meal this time. :)  I also need to get over the idea that I need to eat the food so it won't spoil.  I would rather the food go bad and be thrown out than my body go bad.  Extra bananas still left went into the freezer.

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Well, Day 2 has left me somewhat disappointed and drained.  Not due to the program at all - due to the migraine I've been battling all day.  Definitely leaves me out for my exercise goal tonight.  I was actually looking forward to the after effects of the exercise - last night was the first time I've ever gotten a surge of energy and well being AFTER exercise.


Managed to make soup tonight, thank goodness there's enough left for lunch tomorrow because I am not up to more prepping tonight.  Off to put on the tempature packs and go to bed early.


M1: eggs, chopped spinach, sweet peppers, onion

M2: "hash" of sausage, kale, onion, sweet potato, peppers, last of the plantain leather

M3: pumpkin soup with chicken/apple sausage, sweet onion, and garnished with chopped pecan

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I have been working on my pre and post WO meals as I run and teach fitness classes, so I get in a lot of activity. Pre-WO pretty easy: usually just a hard boiled egg, with maybe a dab of guacamole or a few olives. I do the eggs a dozen at a time and always have some in the fridge. Post-WO..... I keep baked chicken breast torn up into pieces in the fridge too, so that's always ready. I also found some compliant lunch meat, but it's expensive and I only have about two slices after the workout. The carb is that I do a microwave sweet potato that I prep early, season, cut into chunks and store in plastic baggies in the fridge. That way I can just "grab and go." Hope that helps a little! Jarred baby food sweet potato would be even easier, but more expensive, if that's an issue.

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My migraine I'd finally easing off, should be good to go tonight. :-)

Good ideas on the PWO. I had cooked up some sausage patties, but if zi make a little egg salad with avocado, that would be perfect.

I had not even thought of the baby food on the sweet potatoes. :-) That would be so portable! Thanks for the ideas.

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I did make exercise yesterday, just not on my elliptical.  Still wasn't feeling that great so opted to take the dog out for a good long walk.  First really good warm day we've had here since I've been up here.


Made it to bed on time (early, actually), but totally skipped out on the prepping.


M1: eggs, spinach, onion, avocado, sausage

M2: Leftover pumpkin soup, small avocado/jicama salad

M3: crockpot chicken, carrots, onion, sliced avocado, small red banana

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Still feeling a little ill, wondering if I have my mystery "not an ear infection" illness back or a summer bug.  Decided to get on with it anyway and took on updating my calendar, posted my list of "best" foods on the fridge for a reminder, and got on the exerise.  I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to sneak up on doing one of the preprogrammed elliptical programs a couple minutes at a time or just freestyle it until I get some stamina/endurance back.  Still, I managed to stay on it for 15 minutes and did 25 pull ups on my ab glider.  I plan to add to that each night, kind of like the squat challenge adds one each day.  Took the dog for a walk afterwards to cool off.  Didn't get my energy rush afterwards tonight, but since I was feeling poorly before I started, wasn't really expecting it.


Have eggs boiling to carry as mini meal/PWO since they are bumping us up to 11 hour days tomorrow.  Gonna be a tight schedule at home. :(  Chicken cooked and ready, plus meals planned for quick cooking or crock pot for the rest of the week.


My food was a little odd today, seems like I run a little heavy on the sweet potato but they not only keep me full longer they are very soothing to my tummy and my mood seems to stay better when I keep sweet potato, pumpkin, or one of the other "orange" squashes on the menu.  Couldn't find coconut water in town today, it doesn't seem to be a big seller in small town Iowa for some reason.  grump, gripe. 


M1: baby carrots, 2 sausage patties (wasn't feeling well, not up to cooking)

M2: Sweet potato, crumbled sausage, fried green plantain

M3: 1/2 ribeye, 1/2 sweet potato, house salad with lemon, handful of rainier cherries

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A little disheartened by my struggle to regain fitness, considering a mere three months ago I was walking 5-10 miles every day, plus climbing up and down levels of stairs in the structure at work.  Can't believe how all that has disappeared since I ended up in a desk job this time around.  I will perservere.  In a few weeks, I will look back at this struggle with amusement and wonder how I could have found it so difficult.


Made 20 solid minutes on the treadmill tonight, a few minutes improvement.  Stayed with my 25 on the glider, which were unbelieveably hard.  Gracious.  Absolutely drenched and dripping sweat long after I got off the elliptical.  Need a shower,  Seriously, I have worked 10 hours in the SE Texas heat and humidity out on a construction site and not been this sweaty.  Progress.  Making progress.


Have food prepped for tomorrow, still trying to get stuff packaged and in the freezer from shopping.  Still working on trying to get to bed on time.  Need more hours in my day.


M1:  1/2 ribeye, 1/2 sweet potato

M2: rotisserie chicken, jicama/fresh salsa salad, 1/2 sweet potato, handful of rainier cherries

PWO: 1 fried egg, half avocado

M3: Crockpot chicken and carrots, 1/4 sweet potato

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Made it up to 22 minutes on the elliptical tonight, alternating speeds while trying to stay in the target heart range.  I should be kicking butt at the half hour before the end of the week and feeling up to taking on that wretched pre-programmed routine soon.  Didn't get any extra reps added to my pull ups, but felt victorious just for doing them.  Still not getting to bed on time, but have food cooked for the next two days so maybe I can make it.  This schedule is going to wear me into oblivion if I don't get it figured out soon.


On the up side, I am not suffering a virus or bug, I just need to get my glasses readjusted and quit turning my head my head back and forth  while I'm looking from paperwork to the computer.  ...sigh...  Bifocals are not my friend.


M1: 3 eggs, spinach, onion, 1/4 sw. potato

M2: Chicken soup with carrots, sweet potato, grated ginger. Half a handful of cherries, small banana

PWO: Boiled egg, 1/2 avocado

M3: Lean ground beef, chopped kale, onion, garlic, diced butternut (leftover filling from the stuffed peppers)

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Taking tonight off from the elliptical, will groan about it tomorrow.  I need sleep more tonight.


M1:  Ground beef, egg, kale, squash, onion

M2: hamburger patty, fried egg, lettuce, onion, tomato, home fries, fruit cup

Snack: chopped pecans, coconut flakes, banana

M3: pork medallions, sweet potato, diced apple/pear with cinnamon ghee

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Had to run errands tonight, settled for parking at the back of the lots and doing some extra walking.  Some good stair climbing making multiple trips in and out to the truck to bring things in.  Not intense, but will have to do for tonight, I'm late for bed.


M1: omg... I don't remember - did I eat a stuffed pepper?

M2: stuffed poblano, 1/2 sweet potato, handful of blueberries

M3: 2 compliant organic beef hot dogs, sliced tomato, banana, half a handful of roasted macadamia nuts

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Hi! I'm doin my second W30 as well right now and concentrating on many of the same goals. About losing fitness, boy can I relate! I ran my 10th half marathon back in early May while on my 1st W30. Then 5, almost 6 weeks ago I rolled my ankle and broke a bone in my foot. Totally laid up the first 4 weeks with instructions to rest it as much as possible. I just started back in last week on the recumbent bike (I'm in a short air cast boot so limited mobility) and I was DYING after 15 minutes! I'm shocked how much cardiovascular fitness I lost in a month. I'm used to going out for hour long runs! Good news is it does come back - you just have to keep plugging away. I'm up to 35min and hope to do 45 tomorrow. Keep at it. You're doing great!

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Had a very busy weekend of work, concert going, and errands.  Stayed compliant, did LOTS of extra walking (not as intense as the elliptical, but still moving), kept up with my food log in paper form in my journal.


Longer hours at work are really making things tight, but am sticking with it.


Yesterday's meals were a little odd, I was really tired, lol.

M1: 2 organic beef (compliant) hot dogs, raw baby carrots, coconut water

M2: Prime rib, spinach salad, fresh pineapple

M3: Macademia nuts, baby carrots


I ran out of go there, but did manage to get my prep for at least the first half of this week done. It was fairly painless, just took time to saute the veg a little and then made mini quiche kinda things in my jumbo muffin pans.  Half with potato crust, half without.


M1: "quiche" with potato crust, spinach, mushroom, onion, and egg filler

M2: the last stuffed pepper, 1/2 sweet potato, coconut water

M3: roast beef, parsnips, carrots, celery (oh, thank you dear husband!)


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July 21 Meals:


M1: spinach/mushroom quiche with potato crust

M2: crustless quiche with chicken, spinach, mushroom

Snack: roasted nuts

M3: roast beef, carrots, parsnips


Today's food:


Same as yesterday - we had a lot of food prepped.

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These hours are wiping me out. Just got home and it's time for bed if I want anywhere close to a full night's sleep.


M1: spinach/musrrom quiche, 1/2 sweet potato

M2; chicken/spinach quiche, 1/2 sweet potato

Snack: half handful roasted nuts

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