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Start Date: July 7


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I heard about Whole30 last year and it intrigued me. I have some aches and pains and fogginess that docs can't explain. (All the tests they run come back normal, so why do I not feel normal and healthy?) I went gluten-free for a month with no change in symptoms, so I was (and still am a little) skeptical of any change in diet alleviating my symptoms. But I have nothing to loose with Whole30, so thought - why not give it a try? 


I started a couple of days ago, and so far it's been okay. I feel like I'm eating a lot of eggs, thinking about food/meal planning all the time, in the kitchen more, and blowing through our grocery budget. Also, Costco is way less fun without eating the samples.  :wacko: Hope it's all worth it!

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